News on ethics issues

ethics issues

China’s virtuous president
Zac Alstin | 16 October 2014 |
tags: China, Confucius, virtue
Is Xi Jinping promoting Confucian virtue, or is his interest in the Sage more pragmatic?

Is conscience an unaffordable luxury?
Sean Murphy | 24 September 2014 |
tags: conscience, conscientious objection, rights of conscience
Precisely because we live in secular states, we must make room for believers, religious or not, in public life.

The slow, tentative return of women’s lost sense of sexual honour
Barbara Kay | 16 September 2014 |
tags: honour, modesty, sexual revolution
Something in our nature craves the constraints that produce the rewards an honour code confers.

What Malaysia Airlines must do to survive
Paul Baines | 03 September 2014 |
tags: business ethics, Malaysia Airlines
Even after unprecedented bad luck, the ill-starred company can thrive. But it will be an uphill climb.

ISIS has done the world a favour
Michael Cook | 01 September 2014 |
tags: Al Gore, climate change, ISIS, Islamic State
It has killed off climate change as the world's greatest moral challenge.

Temper, temper
Bernard Toutounji | 25 August 2014 |
tags: four temperaments, psycholgy
The four temperaments are a tried and true aid to self-knowledge.

When freedoms collide
Carolyn Moynihan | 15 August 2014 |
tags: common good, freedom of conscience, religious liberty
A framework for navigating freedom of conscience issues.

Law and morality in public discourse
Charles J. Chaput | 12 August 2014 |
tags: law, law and morality, morality, public policy debates
The natural law should undergird our positive laws, a Catholic theologian argues.

The global niceness challenge announces a winner
Michael Cook | 11 July 2014 |
tags: foreign affairs, happiness
Statisticians have identified the Mother Teresa of global politics.

Should I destroy my Rolf Harris CD?
Bernard Toutounji | 09 July 2014 |
tags: art, sex abuse, sex abuse crisis
The trusted entertainer has been sentenced for child abuse. Does that ruin his music?

KLM angered millions of Mexicans to make a joke about the World Cup
Sue Bridgewater | 03 July 2014 |
tags: advertising, FIFA World Cup, humour
The benefits and potential pitfalls of social media advertising.

This week’s Citadel of Political Correctness Award goes to
Michael Cook | 27 June 2014 |
tags: homophobia, honor killings, Islam, political correctness
A Festival of Dangerous Ideas has turned into a Celebration of Conventional Thoughts.

Is dementia really Public Enemy #1?
Michael Cook | 24 June 2014 |
tags: Alzheimer's disease, dementia, greatest moral challenges
The British Prime Minister says that it is. He's wrong.

“The Switch From Hell”
Karl D. Stephan | 10 June 2014 |
tags: business ethics, engineering ethics, General Motors
The new CEO of General Motors, Mary Barra, has had the courage to be transparent about her company's failings.

Those dendrites made me do it: free will and morality
Karl D. Stephan | 02 June 2014 |
tags: determinism, free will
Feeling that we are merely material and act in predetermined ways appears to lead people to behave irresponsibly.

Pregnant Sudanese woman could be hanged for “apostasy”
Michael Cook | 20 May 2014 |
tags: feminism, religious freedom, Sudan
Why haven't feminist media stars taken up the case of this young mother?

Conscientious objectors got short shrift in WWI Germany
Ingrid Sharp | 19 May 2014 |
tags: conscientious objection, Germany, World War I
Authorities thought that wartime opponents were criminals or lunatics.

To aim at virtue and fall short does not a hypocrite make
Paul Adams | 15 May 2014 |
tags: Christians, sin, virtue
But hordes of online commenters fail to comprehend this. Why?

The walls close in on Canada’s abortion foes
Margaret Somerville | 15 May 2014 |
tags: abortion, Canada, Justin Trudeau
The leader of a major opposition party has announced that they will be excluded from membership.

A year after the Rana Plaza collapse, recovery is slow
Sharif As-Saber | 25 April 2014 |
tags: business ethics, governance, Rana Plaza
The garment industry needs international governance to ensure safe working conditions.

Stumbling forward into the past
Michael Kirke | 25 March 2014 |
tags: Christianity, culture, Roman Empire, Western civilization
Even the Roman Empire had a use-by date. What is ours?

Entrenching a ‘duty to do wrong’ in medicine
Sean Murphy | 25 March 2014 |
tags: Canada, conscience, freedom of conscience
Canadian government is funding a project to suppress freedom of conscience and religion

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