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Is “conscious uncoupling” really such a loopy idea?
Zac Alstin | 15 April 2014 |
tags: celebrity culture, divorce, marriage, New Age
Gwyneth Paltrow was ridiculed when she explained her divorce, but there's a nugget of truth in her words.

Protecting the first “little platoon”
Bryce J. Christensen | 10 April 2014 |
tags: book reviews, conservatism, family, liberalism
Society needs family values - but not the faith they are based on? Where a liberal proposal falls down.

No, Costanza Miriano is not crazy
Mary Cooney | 02 April 2014 |
tags: Christian theology, marriage
Submissive wives, sacrificing husbands, is a model that really works.

The unspeakable link between family stability and prosperity
Andrea Mrozek | 02 April 2014 |
tags: Canada, family structure, wealth
The first step to solving a problem is recognising that one exists.

Marry and submit to him. What?
Michael Kirke | 28 March 2014 |
tags: Christian theology, feminism, marriage
An Italian journalist gives advice that has feminists fuming. Is she mad?

Still recovering
Pavel A. Parfentiev | 26 March 2014 |
tags: Communism, family policy, family values, Russia
70 years under Communism have damaged generations of Russian families.

Men@home: Are they up to the job?
David Vincent | 19 March 2014 |
tags: homemakers, house husbands, men
Mostly, yes, but they are under pressure to do much more.

The marriage gap: where poor Canadians are missing out
Peter Jon Mitchell | 05 March 2014 |
tags: Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, marriage gap
Anyone concerned about the increasing wealth gap should study marriage figures.

Modern marriage: a modelling course
Carolyn Moynihan | 28 February 2014 |
tags: fertility, marriage, parenting
Self-actualising, HIP, egalitarian, neo-traditional – which model will save marriage?

The new silence which is destroying our kids
Jeremy Sammut | 30 January 2014 |
tags: Australia, broken families, child abuse, divorce, single motherhood
Why are politicians and the media ignoring the cause of most child abuse: the breakdown of the traditional family?

The pursuit of feminine excellence
Angela Miceli | 06 December 2013 |
tags: contraception, feminism, motherhood, women's careers
Loving motherhood does not exclude professional success.

Eating salt together - the real life of a home
John A. Cuddeback | 05 December 2013 |
tags: family meals, home, leisure, work
Home should be a place of personal intimacy, but more and more it is not.

Lessons from Sandy Hook
Rick Fitzgibbons | 03 December 2013 |
tags: gun control, Sandy Hook school shootings, video games
A government report on a school shooting in which six adults and 20 children died fails to establish a motive.

Sustainable development - without the family?
Ignacio Socias | 28 November 2013 |
tags: family policy, International Year of the Family 2014, sustainable development
Will the 2014 UN Year of the Family bring recognition to the basic building block of society?

Abolishing the age of consent
Jacqueline Laing | 07 November 2013 |
tags: age of consent, pedophilia, Peter Singer
Campaigns for legalisation and destigmatisation have a long, though not so venerable, history.

Do anti-bullying programs lead to more bullying?
Izzy Kalman | 28 October 2013 |
A new study questions the effectiveness of campaigns to stop the scourge of bullying.

Safe in the right hands
William Stearman | 17 October 2013 |
tags: family breakdown, gun control, mass shootings
A retired military and foreign affairs expert makes the case for allowing Americans to have and carry guns.

Let’s talk about marriage
Rachel Lu | 01 October 2013 |
tags: education, marriage, Millennials
Millennials do actually want to hear about marriage from their elders, a professor finds.

For the richer, not the poorer
Robert Hutchinson | 01 October 2013 |
tags: family values, liberalism, marriage gap
They might spout liberal sentiments but it's the affluent who are reaping the benefits of marriage.

Facing up to Facebook bullying
Angela Shanahan | 23 September 2013 |
tags: cyber-bullying, Facebook, social networking
European research shows that parents are the key to kids' sane use of social media.

The painful quest of fertility junkies
Miriam Zoll and Pamela Tsigdinos | 12 September 2013 |
tags: assisted reproductive technology, fertility industry, IVF
A US$4 billion industry is selling its products to desperate and vulnerable women.

Should Australia ban smacking?
Carolyn Moynihan | 10 September 2013 |
tags: children's rights, corporal punishment, smacking, spanking
It could, but that would not stop child abuse or improve children’s mental health.

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