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Tough love is still love
Jennifer Roback Morse | 19 November 2014 |
tags: Catholic Church, compassion, marriage, orthodoxy
Is it possible for the Catholic Church to be both orthodox and compassionate?

From counselling to therapism: how expert help could harm your marriage
Kaitlin Wynia | 06 November 2014 |
tags: counselling, marriage
Modern marriage therapy has come to promote individualism over marital commitment.

For richer, for poorer: the difference marriage makes to family fortunes
Carolyn Moynihan | 04 November 2014 |
tags: family structure, marriage culture, poverty
If we care about the poor we ought to care about marriage.

Income splitting: a fairer deal for Canadian families
Andrea Mrozek | 31 October 2014 |
tags: Canada, family benefits, Family taxation
Government move will ease pressure on parents and help family stability, says supporters.

Can rich countries afford a living wage?
Daniel Blackman | 15 October 2014 |
tags: economics, family, just wage
If not, can they afford the family, on which the whole of society depends?

“There is no future for a society of self-absorbed individuals”
Cormac Burke | 15 October 2014 |
tags: consumerism, family, generosity
What values are being passed on in Western homes? What needs to change?

Politicians fail the family - does the Pope have the answer?
Laura Keynes | 14 October 2014 |
tags: Catholic Church, equality, family
Equality is the political favourite, but family pressures will be solved by unity, says Francis.

It’s a synod on the family, remember
Cormac Burke | 06 October 2014 |
tags: Catholic Church, family, marriage
Divorce, annulments, and contraception certainly have their impact on family life, but surely it is a negative one.

Tinkering with the chemistry of love
Michael Cook | 25 September 2014 |
tags: Julian Savulescu, marriage, relationships, same-sex marriage
Can we really improve relationships with 21st Century love potions?

Why do rich countries have so many poor children?
Carolyn Moynihan | 18 September 2014 |
tags: child poverty, marriage
The missing link in the child poverty debate.

Is marriage a form of prostitution?
Angela Shanahan | 05 September 2014 |
tags: marriage, prostitution
The tired old ideas of ageing feminists are being discredited by a younger generation.

Dining alone, or alone together
Carolyn Moynihan | 22 August 2014 |
tags: family meals, living alone, solitude
More people live alone and others seem to prefer their own company at the table.

Familial love is not a contract
Andrea Mrozek | 15 August 2014 |
tags: marriage contracts
No-one thrives when they believe the love of their family exists only by contractual obligation.

US versus New York Times on drugs
ONDCP | 30 July 2014 |
tags: drugs, marijuana, Obama administration
The Obama Administration strongly opposes the legalisation of marijuana use.

Parenting as a political activity
Holly Hamilton-Bleakley | 14 July 2014 |
tags: parenting, politics, virtue
Society needs virtuous people more than it needs laws.

Out of the cave: leading our children away from celebrity culture
Holly Hamilton-Bleakley | 02 July 2014 |
tags: celebrity culture, parenting, philosophy
We are surrounded by images and messages that do not tell the truth about the good life.

Don’t expect stable families without a living wage
Carolyn Moynihan | 27 June 2014 |
tags: conservatives, family policy, just wage
There’s a conservative case for a just wage and a couple of marriage researchers have just made it.

The bitter price of divorce
Francisco José Pérez Valero | 24 June 2014 |
tags: divorce, family law
A searing new documentary exposes the human and social cost of tearing families apart.

Looking in the wrong places to explain another mass murder
Michael Cook | 26 May 2014 |
tags: divorce, mass shootings, misogyny, pornography, rampage shooting
Why haven't the media zeroed in on the divorce of Elliot Rodger's parents?

The fearful symmetry of family violence
Carolyn Moynihan | 23 May 2014 |
tags: feminism, gender violence
Despite appearances, partner abuse is not a one-way street.

Happy International Day of Families! Oh, you didn’t know?
Carolyn Moynihan | 15 May 2014 |
tags: International Year of the Family 2014
It’s high time for a mobilisation of the family minded, with or without the media.

A special year for the family - but who knew?
Ignacio Socias | 23 April 2014 |
tags: International Year of the Family 2014, United Nations
The UN wants 2014 to bring greater recognition of the family's role. Someone should tell the New York Times.

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