Human rights issues articles

human rights issues

How we justify a market in children
Rickard Newman | 25 September 2014 |
tags: commodification of human life, IVF, rights of the child, surrogacy
Third-party reproduction inexorably leads to violations of human rights.

Driving to Nebraska: Cinema, human dignity, and the elderly
Daniel Ross Goodman | 28 August 2014 |
tags: ageing, films, human dignity
At times, cinema succeeds where philosophy fails.

Why we should keep the cult of youth out of politics
Holly Hamilton-Bleakley | 06 August 2014 |
tags: democracy, politics, youth
Only someone at home with the humdrum of life is qualified for political activity.

On July 23, 1944, Soviet troops found 800,000 pairs of shoes
Toby Thacker | 23 July 2014 |
tags: Holocaust, World War II
This was the day that the world finally realised that the horror of the extermination camps was real.

Mothers in shackles
Carolyn Moynihan | 16 July 2014 |
tags: Meriam Ibrahim, shackling pregnant women
It’s not only in Sudanese prisons that women give birth chained.

Brown v. Board of Education turns sixty
Jeff Shafer | 24 June 2014 |
tags: civil rights, racial equality, same-sex marriage
The new world of civil rights turns the old one on its head.

Will Joe Biden stop the tide of child “refugees”?
Michael Cook | 20 June 2014 |
tags: Central America, immigration, Obama administration
The flood of unaccompanied children from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala is partly America's own doing.

New data shows drones killed hundreds of Pakistani civilians
Philip Di Salvo | 03 June 2014 |
tags: drones, ethics of warfare, Pakistan, targeted assassination
There is a heavy humanitarian cost to US strikes.

Eurosceptics and family values
Peter Smith | 02 June 2014 |
tags: democracy, European Parliament, family values
What does the new European parliament augur for human dignity and the family?

Surrogate motherhood creates an ethical minefield
Margaret Somerville | 13 May 2014 |
tags: Canada, IVF, Quebec, surrogacy
A gay couple’s government-funded IVF twins have created a storm of controversy in Canada.

The curse of slavery lingers in Africa
Emma Christopher | 13 May 2014 |
tags: Africa, Boko Haram, Nigeria, slavery
Nothing is new about the abduction of Nigerian girls. Tens of thousands of people are bought and sold every year.

Teaching under siege in Nigeria, gripped by fear of Boko Haram
Kyari Mohammed | 08 May 2014 |
tags: #bringbackourgirls, Boko Haram, education, Nigeria
Finally the world has woken up to the senseless savagery of this insurgency.

It’s true, denying IVF to gay men is unfair discrimination
Lea Singh | 08 May 2014 |
tags: reproductive technology, same-sex parenting
The rights of the child have already been swept aside for others.

Is climate change a threat to democracy?
Michael Cook | 28 April 2014 |
tags: climate change, democracy, environment
Two recent proposals suggest that the Ivory Tower has lost faith in the wisdom of democracy.

Is it OK to be a bigot?
Zac Alstin | 08 April 2014 |
tags: Australia, bigotry, free speech
Australia's Attorney-General thinks so.

How we treat the vulnerable is a moral test beyond politics
Julian Burnside | 18 March 2014 |
tags: Australia, immigration, refugees
Australia is not an exclusive club for the comfortable and wealthy.

Trampling on youthful hopes, Russia radicalizes Ukraine
Mark Hanssen | 18 March 2014 |
tags: European values, Russia, Ukraine
Putin's bullying transforms mere idealism into a real independence movement.

Democracy is broke. Here’s how to fix it
Carolyn Moynihan | 14 March 2014 |
tags: democracy, family, The Economist, virtue
People are dying in the name of democracy while others are disenchanted. What has gone wrong?

“Above all liberties”
David van Gend | 14 March 2014 |
tags: Australia, free speech
Free speech is at the heart of a self-governing society.

Democracy in times of crisis
John Keane | 26 February 2014 |
tags: book reviews, democracy
Without strong leaders democracies can only muddle through.

Being and Being Bought
Pauline Cooper-Ioelu | 17 February 2014 |
tags: book reviews, feminism, prostitution, surrogacy
A new feminist book sees both prostitution and surrogacy as anti-woman.

The human face of immigration reform
Jose H. Gomez | 28 January 2014 |
tags: immigration, Los Angeles, Mexico, US
How Americans respond to the challenge is a measure of their humanity.

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