Articles on the impact of technology

impact of technology

Email overload: time for a human solution
David Glance | 24 February 2015 |
tags: email, Google, technology, time management, vested interests
Email providers have a vested interest in the growing burden of the digital messages.

Will remote car hacking stop before it starts?
Karl D. Stephan | 05 December 2014 |
tags: cars, engineering ethics, technology
Car manufacturers all over the world are preparing for the day when hackers can get control of networked cars.

Childhood 2.0 is a little buggy
Zac Alstin | 05 December 2014 |
tags: internet, Internet, technology, virtual reality
Toddlers teach parents how bad their online habits are for family life.

Space flight will always be a risky business
Karl D. Stephan | 10 November 2014 |
tags: engineering, engineering ethics, space flight
A failure rate of 5 percent may not be a great advertisement for space tourism.

Challenged by the internet, professional journalism pushes back
Jeffrey Alexander | 21 October 2014 |
tags: democracy, internet, journalism
As the dust settles from this newest wave of technology, what is emerging is a new hybridity.

The Nobel limelight: literary fame wasn’t always so fleeting
Rebecca Braun | 09 October 2014 |
Today it is celebrity lite -- people are interested in success stories, not the writer's output.

The ultimate in reality TV
Karl D. Stephan | 02 October 2014 |
tags: Mars, Netherlands, space travel, technology
A Dutch group is seriously organising one-way expeditions to Mars. Is that ethical?

Left to their own devices?
Cris Rowan | 01 September 2014 |
tags: education of children, information technology
Ten reasons not to use technology for learning in grade school.

All wired up: the contraceptive chip
Karl D. Stephan | 15 July 2014 |
tags: birth control, contraception, internet, privacy
The Gates Foundation has funded an implantable device which can be controlled remotely.

The robot says you flunked
Karl D. Stephan | 08 July 2014 |
tags: computers, education, MOOCs
Let's hope that people who say there's no difference between machines and people don't end up running the machines.

Radio Shack: thanks for all the memories
Karl D. Stephan | 14 March 2014 |
tags: education, engineering, RadioShack, technology
One of America's greatest engineering schools is fading away.

You can’t see the doctor: he’s checking boxes right now
Karl D. Stephan | 04 March 2014 |
tags: electronic medical record, electronic records, engineering
Imposing the heavy hand of the Federal government is not the way to enforce uniform standards.

The cloudy future
Karl D. Stephan | 04 February 2014 |
tags: cloud, internet, privacy, surveillance
The big technology companies are forcing us into the Cloud, whether we like it or not.

Bored? Don’t worry, it might be the start of something brilliant
Ian H Robertson | 28 January 2014 |
tags: boredom, information technology, psychology
Boredom has a purpose - it signals that you are searching for new goals.

Lessons from Sandy Hook
Rick Fitzgibbons | 03 December 2013 |
tags: gun control, Sandy Hook school shootings, video games
A government report on a school shooting in which six adults and 20 children died fails to establish a motive.

The prophet of Silicon Valley
Egil Asprem | 06 October 2013 |
tags: New Age, Ray Kurzweil, Singularity, spirituality, transhumanism
One of the tech industry's most revered figures is a leading light in the transhumanist movement.

In praise of honest work
Karl D. Stephan | 25 September 2013 |
tags: anthropology, unemployment, work
If we believed in the honour of work, employment would take care of itself.

The perils of multitasking
Richard Gunderman | 23 September 2013 |
tags: meditation, multitasking, texting
Distraction can literally be deadly.

Facing up to Facebook bullying
Angela Shanahan | 23 September 2013 |
tags: cyber-bullying, Facebook, social networking
European research shows that parents are the key to kids' sane use of social media.

Happy birthday to Google, the teenager that runs the world
Sunila Lobo | 10 September 2013 |
tags: Google, internet
By the time you were 15, had you become a verb?

Data mining is a risky business
John Bambenek | 03 September 2013 |
Remember: the bad guys can fight back by manipulating the algorithms.

Will your kids suffer from digital dementia?
Charles Recknagel | 13 August 2013 |
tags: computers, digital media, education
Can young brains withstand six or seven hours a day in front of computer screens?

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