international affairs

international affairs

Beyond the Greek impasse
George Friedman | 01 July 2015
tags: European Union, Germany, Greece, Grexit, Stratfor
What if resistance to EU austerity spreads to other countries?

What borders mean to Europe
George Friedman | 24 June 2015
tags: Border security, borders, Europe, European Union, nation-state
Muslim immigration, a possible Grexit and Ukraine are all shaking the idea of a borderless Europe.

A net assessment of East Asia
George Friedman | 17 June 2015
tags: East Asia, geopolitics, Stratfor
China, with its move from limited liberality to increasingly intense authoritarianism, is the key to the region.

Tartus, the mother of martyrs
Stratfor | 12 June 2015
tags: Alawites, Assad regime, Syria conflict
Syria's Alawites, chief supporters of the Assad regime, feel abandoned as they die in catastrophic numbers.

A net assessment of the Middle East
George Friedman | 10 June 2015
tags: Islamic State, Middle East, Stratfor, Turkey
Secularism is dying. Islam is reviving. But what comes next is anyone's guess.

A net assessment of the world
George Friedman | 20 May 2015
tags: geopolitics, Stratfor
Realities frozen by the Cold War are still emerging, bringing a general malaise.

World War II and the Origins of American Unease
George Friedman | 13 May 2015
tags: geopolitics, World War II
The US, the UK, and Russia are still acting out the lessons of the past.

How British elections reflect the mood of Europe
George Friedman | 06 May 2015
tags: Britain, European Union, geopolitics, Stratfor, UK
Tomorrow's election could shape the future of the United Kingdom.

Aussie Abbott’s passionate speech puts British Dave in the shade
Kathy Gyngell | 01 May 2015
tags: conservatives, UK, values voters
A conservative woman is not impressed with the line-up for next week's elections in the UK.

The programmed savagery of ISIS
Richard Rousseau | 01 May 2015
tags: ISIS, Islamic State, political theory, terrorism
The leaders of Islamic State have spent decades developing a theory of terror.

Prelude to a Japanese revival
John Minnich | 30 April 2015
tags: East Asia, Japan, Stratfor
Despite two decades of economic and demographic decline, Japan's song is far from over.

Nepal shows its vulnerability after devastating earthquake
Simon Redfern | 27 April 2015
tags: earthquake, natural disasters, Nepal
Thousands of people have died in a massive 7.9 magnitude earthquake.

The ‘Grexit’ dilemma shows the weakness of free trade
George Friedman | 22 April 2015
tags: European Union, Eurozone, free trade, Germany, Greece
The Sturm und Drang over Greece's debt and the future of the Euro misses the point.

Coming to terms with the American empire
George Friedman | 15 April 2015
tags: empires, Stratfor, United States
The United States became an empire almost absent-mindedly. But now it cannot shrug off its responsibilties.

Hillary’s family values pitch
Carolyn Moynihan | 14 April 2015
tags: 2016 elections, abortion, family values, feminism, Hillary Clinton
Mrs Clinton has finally outed herself as a pro-woman, pro-family candidate for the US presidency.

Making sense of horrific violence in Kenya
Jennifer Brass | 06 April 2015
tags: Kenya, Somalia, terrorist attack
The Kenyan government should bear part of the blame.

The Middle Eastern balance of power matures
George Friedman | 01 April 2015
tags: balance of power, Iran, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Turkey
The US is taking a back seat and allowing regional powers to slug it out.

China’s fragile political evolution
Rodger Baker and John Minnich | 26 March 2015
tags: China, Xi Jinping
An anti-corruption campaign signals a struggle between competing models of the future.

Lee Kuan Yew, pragmatist
Michael Cook | 25 March 2015
tags: Lee Kwan Yew, pragmatism, Singapore
Singaporeans have paid a high price for economic success.

There’s one obvious remedy for China’s market in stolen babies
Jackie Sheehan | 16 March 2015
tags: China, human trafficking, one-child policy
The government should abandon its one-child policy. Completely.

The paradox of America’s electoral reform
George Friedman | 11 March 2015
tags: 2016 elections, electoral reform, primary elections, USA
The ferment of constant change, reform and renewal is both a virtue and vice of the US system.

That speech
George Friedman | 04 March 2015
tags: Barack Obama, Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel
The real issue is the reconfiguration of a region the United States cannot subdue and cannot leave.

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