international affairs

international affairs

EU referendum: the positive case for voting Remain
Anton Muscatelli | 23 June 2016
tags: Brexit, EU reform, Eurozone
The UK could play a major role in reforming the EU’s institutions from the inside.

Why Britain must leave the European Union
Alan Sked | 23 June 2016
tags: Brexit, national sovereignty, UKIP
The founder of the UK Independence Party says Britain and Europe will both gain from Brexit.

Jo Cox: looking at refugees with a mother’s heart
Carolyn Moynihan | 17 June 2016
tags: obituaries, refugees
The murdered British MP wanted Britain to take more child refugees.

Prepare for another Clinton Presidency
Leslie Loftus | 10 June 2016
tags: Hillary Clinton, Republicans, US presidential election
Democrat consolidation will enable full, negative media attention on Trump and dissolve his poll lead.

Make America great again? Start with marriage, Mr Trump
Caitlin La Ruffa and Hilary Towers | 27 May 2016
tags: Donald Trump, marriage values, presidential candidates
Our nation needs stable, intact marriages.

How the Philippines’ new strongman romped into office ...
Pauline Eadie | 12 May 2016
tags: Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte
... despite a shocking campaign.

The shadows over Trump’s startling rise
Sarah Smith | 10 May 2016
tags: Donald Trump, Republicans
A 'recovering Republican' suffers a fatal relapse.

The one Trump comparison you haven’t heard yet
Robert Garland | 05 May 2016
tags: Ancient Greeks, Donald Trump, Thuycidides
Athenian scallywag Alcibiades would have given the presumptive Republican nominee a run for his money

Aristotle explains the Trump phenomenon
Carson Holloway | 22 April 2016
tags: Aristotle, Donald Trump, political theory
The cry of the 'unjustly unequal'.

What Trump and Sanders teach us about America
S. Adam Seagrave | 01 April 2016
tags: Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump, materialism
A possible American political apocalypse.

Belgium has divided and decentralized itself almost out of existence
Georges Van Den Abbeele | 30 March 2016
tags: Belgium, Islamic extremism, multiculturalism, terrorism
Is the cockpit of the European Union a failed nation-state?

Why Democrat refugees are swelling Trump’s support
Alexander Zubatov | 29 March 2016
tags: 2016 elections, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, political correctness, racism, Southern strategy
Struggling white voters are defecting after being humiliated by a hostile elite culture

Is Trump the new Constantine?
Blaise Joseph | 22 March 2016
tags: 2016 elections, conservatism, Donald Trump, political correctness
The conservative Christian case for The Donald

The Presidential election of 2017
Rick D. Williams | 21 March 2016
tags: 2016 elections, American history, Donald Trump, USA
If no candidate wins a majority in the Electoral College, the decision passes to the House of Representatives early next year

An Israeli view of prospects for peace
Christopher Szabo | 18 March 2016
tags: Israel, Nelson Mandela, Shimon Peres, South Africa
Views on peace in the Middle East and South Africa by former Israeli PM Shimon Peres

Discerning the Donald
Zac Alstin | 08 March 2016
tags: Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Republican candidacy
Is Trump a triumph or a blow-hard?

‘Penetrate to the Persian Gulf and as far as India’
Claire Cullen | 06 March 2016
tags: Crimea, Russia, Syrian intervention
Peter the Great would have approved of Putin’s recent exploits.

Why Trump Persists
Carson Holloway | 04 March 2016
tags: conservatives, Donald Trump, Republican presidential candidate
Trump's 'irrational' supporters have legitimate concerns.

Tragedy in Taiwan: Collapse of the Golden Dragon Building
Karl D. Stephan | 16 February 2016
tags: earthquake, engineering ethics, Taiwan
Taiwan's resilience is an engineering success story.

Marco Rubio for President
Niall Gooch | 12 February 2016
tags: conservatism, presidential election campaign, Republican presidential candidate
The junior Senator from Florida may be the best standard-bearer for a renewed conservatism.

Spoils of war: the tragic history of the Istrians
Chiara Bertoglio | 08 February 2016
tags: Communism, Italy, World War II
How Tito’s Communism finally destroyed a people.

The rhetorical brilliance of Donald Trump
Jennifer Mercieca | 16 December 2015
tags: 2016 elections, Donald Trump, rhetoric
He has much in common with the great demagogues of the past.

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