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Why we need to remember how to forget
Emma Smith | 04 February 2016
tags: art, creativity, memory, technology
Creativity needs a dustbin.

Modern technology: triumph or tragedy?
Karl D. Stephan | 07 December 2015
tags: history of technology, progress, technology
Engineers sometimes get bad press, but where would we be without them?

Rolling back mass surveillance
Karl D. Stephan | 24 November 2015
tags: Internet security, privacy, surveillance
Is it possible to regain privacy on the internet?

Arms control for cyberwarfare weapons
Karl D. Stephan | 03 November 2015
tags: free speech, internet, spyware
The price of liberty is eternal vigilance.

Kids with smartphones: does the good outweigh the bad?
Karl D. Stephan | 30 October 2015
tags: children and technology, family meals, smartphones
Not if they bring them to dinner.

Elite media ignore civilians killed by US drone strikes
Jeff Bachman | 29 October 2015
tags: drones, New York Times, Washington Post
The New York Times and Washington Post are reporting government claims uncritically.

Keeping the content machine whirring
Nathan J. Robinson | 08 October 2015
tags: media criticism, news media, writing
Breaking the cycle of thoughtless, inflammatory clickbait.

Confronting the dark side of the internet
Raphael Cohen-Almagor | 03 September 2015
tags: democracy, free speech, internet
Liberty without responsibility is a recipe for chaos, says an Israeli academic.

Best of enemies
Michael Cook | 21 August 2015
tags: film reviews, homosexuality, media ethics, same-sex marriage, USA
A documentary about the 1968 debate between William F. Buckley Jr and Gore Vidal reveals a lot about the media.

Tianjin tragedy: a painful lesson
Karl D. Stephan | 18 August 2015
tags: China, disasters, engineering ethics
Can we expect this horrific disaster to lead to any improvements in safety?

Kowtowing to Planned Parenthood
Michael Cook | 03 August 2015
tags: abortion, media, New York Times, Planned Parenthood, whistleblowers
What has happened to the crusading zeal of the New York Times?

I compute your pain
Karl D. Stephan | 27 July 2015
tags: face recognition, marketing, technology
Emotion-sensing face-recognition software could transform marketing.

The password you can never change
Michael Cook | 14 July 2015
tags: facial recognition, google, privacy
The brave new world of facial recognition technology.

IS radicalises Western youth via the internet? It’s not that simple
Samina Yasmeen | 29 May 2015
tags: Internet use, ISIS, jihadi youths
For some youth, it could be a search for meaning in their lives.

Was bureaucratic wrangling behind the fatal Philadelphia derailment?
Karl D. Stephan | 26 May 2015
tags: disasters, technology, trains
The train lacked a new control system.

Only Apple’s magic could sell its vastly overpriced watches
David Glance | 13 April 2015
tags: Apple, consumerism, marketing, technology
The cheapest watch costs $499 (in Australia). A competitor costs $89. Why?

A bridge too close
Karl D. Stephan | 02 April 2015
tags: engineering, engineering ethics
The day our author almost became a statistic.

Trolling the Gettysburg Address
Abraham Lincoln and Michael Cook | 03 March 2015
tags: Abraham Lincoln, comments, internet
What reception would the greatest speech in American history have had on the internet?

Email overload: time for a human solution
David Glance | 24 February 2015
tags: email, Google, technology, time management, vested interests
Email providers have a vested interest in the growing burden of the digital messages.

Twitter is the new Colosseum
Barbara Kay | 20 February 2015
tags: abuse, free speech, social media
Few victims survive the onslaught. Ask Justine Sacco.

Hey, gamers, try the ultimate video game, ISIS
Michael Cook | 19 February 2015
tags: ISIS, Islamic extremism, video games
Why don’t the manufacturers of ultra-violent games acknowledge their role?

Media failing the war in Syria
Scott Lucas | 12 February 2015
tags: media, Syria
Lurid stories about ISIS atrocities are sucking the oxygen out of the tragedy next door.

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