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Islam’s moderate voices drowned out by extremists
Ali Mamouri | 22 August 2014 |
tags: fundamentalism, Islam, terrorism
The overwhelming majority of Muslims want nothing to do with terrorism.

After 65 years, is China ready to embrace the Pope?
Scott Pacey | 21 August 2014 |
tags: Catholic Church, China, Pope Francis, religious freedom
The Church has sought engagement with China since the 13th century and will not give up anytime soon.

Iraq’s Yazidis are on the brink of genocide – who will save them?
Ali Mamouri | 11 August 2014 |
tags: Iraq, Islam, religious freedom, Yazidi
ISIS militants may be massacring an Iraqi sect.

Iraq: death of a multicultural nation
Ali Mamouri | 08 August 2014 |
tags: Iraq, ISIS, religious persecution
Iraq’s social diversity is disappearing as ISIS fighters rampage through the country.

Persecution of Christians contradicts idea of a Caliphate
Erica C.D. Hunter | 28 July 2014 |
tags: Iraq, Islam, Middle East Christians
In the glory days of the Caliphate, Muslims and Christians lived side by side.

“Mission accomplished”: Italy welcomes Meriam Ibrahim
Carolyn Moynihan | 25 July 2014 |
tags: Meriam Ibrahim, religious freedom, Sudan
Has Sudan really learned a lesson about religious freedom?

Terrified Christians driven out of Mosul
Abdel Hamid Zebari | 24 July 2014 |
tags: Iraq, Iraqi Christians, religious freedom
The Islamic State is expelling Christians from its newly-won territory.

Of astrophysics and atheism
Daniel Ross Goodman | 24 July 2014 |
tags: atheism, faith and science
Why we need religion in the space age.

The muddled iconography of women bishops
Carolyn Moynihan | 22 July 2014 |
tags: Anglican Church, ordination of women
A Church of England decision adds to the confusion about the meaning of priesthood.

The desperate dream of the Islamic Caliphate
Samir Khalil Samir | 21 July 2014 |
tags: Arab world, Islam
Most Muslims look upon the proclamation of a caliphate as preposterous.

To the shores of Tripoli
George Friedman | 09 July 2014 |
tags: foreign entanglements, foreign policy, USA
From the very beginning, the US could not avoid "foreign entanglements".

What the Supreme Court did (and didn’t do) to religious freedom last week
Dwight G. Duncan | 08 July 2014 |
tags: Hobby Lobby, Obamacare, US Supreme Court
It's hardly a threat to civil liberties.

The homegrown jihadist
Michael Cook | 03 July 2014 |
tags: Islam, jihad, terrorism
What drives a 19-year-old American girl into the arms of some of the world's most vicious terrorists?

This is Iraq’s darkest hour
Louis Raphaël I Sako and Oliver Maksan | 02 July 2014 |
tags: Catholic Church, Christians in Middle East, Iraq
A bishop in Kurdish Iraq criticizes Western indifference to the future of Middle East Christianity.

Balancing Ramadan against World Cup glory
Michael Cook | 01 July 2014 |
tags: Islam, World Cup
How can fasting Muslim athletes possibly compete?

Dialoguing with Islam
James Schall SJ | 01 July 2014 |
tags: Christianity, Islam
Because fundamental ideas in Christianity and Islam are so different, a meeting of minds is difficult.

In Europe’s schools, national values infringe religious freedom
Olivier Roy | 27 June 2014 |
tags: Europe, identity politics, religious liberty, secularism
A national (secular) identity is not the answer to religious fundamentalism.

Meriam is free, but countless Christian women are not
Carolyn Moynihan | 24 June 2014 |
tags: Islamism, religious liberty, women's issues
Do women’s rights campaigners really want to know about their plight?

The failure of Western secular values in Iraq
Laura Keynes | 16 June 2014 |
tags: Iraq, Middle East Christians, secular ideology
The persecution of Christians should have been the canary in the mine.

Shoots of hope for Christians in Syria’s civil war
Patrick Sookhdeo | 10 June 2014 |
tags: Christianity, Middle East Christians, Syria
In the midst of the chaos and carnage, a church elects a new patriarch.

What is the real story behind Ireland’s mass grave?
Michael Cook | 06 June 2014 |
tags: Catholic Church, Ireland
A media storm is gathering over the discovery of hundreds of infants buried at a Catholic home for unmarried mothers.

Pregnant Sudanese woman could be hanged for “apostasy”
Michael Cook | 20 May 2014 |
tags: feminism, religious freedom, Sudan
Why haven't feminist media stars taken up the case of this young mother?

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