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Islam and violence: how not to answer a question
Zac Alstin | 30 January 2015 |
tags: Islam, violence
Islam and Muslims are not just one thing. It is high time to make some distinctions.

The Middle East’s vanishing Christians
Michael Cook | 22 January 2015 |
tags: Islam, Islamic State, Middle East Christians, persecution of Christians
But some of the region's bishops urge Christians to work with Muslims for free and tolerant society.

Lessons from Paris
James Schall SJ | 15 January 2015 |
tags: Charlie Hebdo, Islam, terrorism
Muslims should use this crisis to prove that being human and being religious are compatible.

“I am not Charlie Hebdo”
Bernard Toutounji | 09 January 2015 |
tags: blasphemy, free speech, Islamic extremism
Insult is the lowest – and now most dangerous – form of free speech

Paris attack underscores a deeper malaise
George Friedman | 08 January 2015 |
tags: Charlie Hebdo, France, Islam, Islamic extremism
Ultimately, this is an intra-Muslim struggle for control wrapped in a debate over what it means to be a Muslim.

Islamic State promoting “sexual jihad”
Chiara Pellegrino | 18 December 2014 |
tags: Islam, Islamic State, women in Islam
ISIS is recruiting women as temporary brides, a practice which revolts even many Muslim preachers.

The reason for the season
James Schall SJ | 18 December 2014 |
tags: Christianity, Christmas
Christmas Day 2000 years ago really did change the world for ever.

Sydney siege shows the rise of a new extremism
Ali Mamouri | 16 December 2014 |
tags: Australia, Islam, Islamic extremism, Islamic State
Muslims must not be blamed for the atrocities of a group of criminals and psychopaths.

How have Syrian rebels become so radical?
Nader Hashemi | 16 December 2014 |
tags: Islam, Middle East, radical Islam, Syria
An expert on Syria says that young people are attracted by a simplistic and delusional ideology.

Muslim leaders face a dilemma
James Schall SJ | 02 December 2014 |
tags: Islam, Islamic State, Pope Francis
Can Muslim leaders condemn the terrorism of ISIS without endangering their own lives and the integrity of the Qur’an?

The great reformer
Austen Ivereigh | 25 November 2014 |
tags: Catholic Church, Pope Francis
A biographer of Pope Francis reflects upon his career as a reforming leader.

What the fall of the Wall did not change
George Friedman | 12 November 2014 |
tags: Berlin Wall, freedom
It is difficult to remember how seductive Marxism was and how frightening Soviet power was.

Canadian rampage is tip of iceberg
Michael Coren | 24 October 2014 |
tags: Islam, Middle East Christians, persecution of Christians
Middle East Christians are being slaughtered by radical Islamists, says a Canadian journalist.

Egyptian Christians cautiously optimistic
Rafik Greiche and Oliver Maksan | 22 October 2014 |
tags: Christians in Middle East, Egypt
Under the new military-backed president, they may be allowed to build churches.

A joyful, crowded 21st century pilgrimage
Carolyn Moynihan | 10 October 2014 |
tags: Catholic Church, saints
If religion is on the wane it is was not evident in Madrid or Rome earlier this month.

The castle of backwardness
Ibrahim al-Buleihi | 30 September 2014 |
tags: Islam, rationalism
A Saudi scholar laments his culture’s aversion to rational discourse.

How does sharia law fit into Western law?
Christopher van der Krogt | 30 September 2014 |
tags: Islam, sharia
Most Muslims obey both the law of the land and the sharia, since obedience to legitimate authority is a sharia requirement.

A ray of light through the clouds
Michael Cook | 26 September 2014 |
tags: Catholic Church, evil, ISIS, saints
We need saints to dispel the miasma of evil. Alvaro del Portillo was one of them.

How Israel can bring peace to the world
Izzy Kalman | 23 September 2014 |
tags: Gaza, Israel, peace
"A light unto the nations" should accommodate all creeds and peoples, says a Jewish psychologist.

The illusion of neutrality
Anthony Esolen | 19 September 2014 |
tags: secularism, tolerance
The secular state cannot be neutral in matters of religion.

It’s time to take the Islamic State seriously
James Schall SJ | 17 September 2014 |
tags: caliphate, Islam, Islamic State, Qur'an
It believes that terror is a legitimate way to achieve world peace.

Leading young men astray
Babikir Faysal Babikir | 15 September 2014 |
tags: fundamentalism, Islam
The arguments of Islamic fundamentalists are full of contradictions, muddled thinking and manipulation.

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