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In Nigeria, a dialogue of life brings religious groups together
Joop Koopman | 08 September 2014 |
tags: Boko Haram, interfaith dialogue, Nigeria
“We are not just fighting each other – that is a caricature of our country,” says an archbishop.

Of astrophysics and atheism
Daniel Ross Goodman | 24 July 2014 |
tags: atheism, faith and science
Why we need religion in the space age.

The muddled iconography of women bishops
Carolyn Moynihan | 22 July 2014 |
tags: Anglican Church, ordination of women
A Church of England decision adds to the confusion about the meaning of priesthood.

Shoots of hope for Christians in Syria’s civil war
Patrick Sookhdeo | 10 June 2014 |
tags: Christianity, Middle East Christians, Syria
In the midst of the chaos and carnage, a church elects a new patriarch.

What is the real story behind Ireland’s mass grave?
Michael Cook | 06 June 2014 |
tags: Catholic Church, Ireland
A media storm is gathering over the discovery of hundreds of infants buried at a Catholic home for unmarried mothers.

Where is best to advertise for the CEO of a leper colony?
Peter Saunders | 28 April 2014 |
tags: Christianity, David Cameron, secularism, UK
Probably not among the foes of a Christian Britain.

A Pope in love with truth and freedom
Joaquin Navarro-Valls and Jordi Picazo | 22 April 2014 |
tags: anthropology, Catholic Church, Pope John Paul II
What was it like to work close to Pope John Paul II for many years? A former head of the Vatican Press Office gives some insights.

If a company can be African American, can’t it be religious?
Matt Bowman | 31 March 2014 |
tags: contraceptive mandate, Obamacare, Supreme Court
A business owner brings his values and his entire self—his faith no less than his race—to his daily work.

Pope Francis’ historic mission to the Middle East
Nigel Zimmerman | 23 January 2014 |
The new Pope is popular because of his concern for the marginalised, but he is not neglecting Christian unity.

Selling the faith of unbelievers
William West | 16 January 2014 |
tags: atheism, religion, science and faith
Richard Dawkins' new film, The Unbelievers, peddles an increasingly unlikely worldview.

Here’s a Pope who condemns unfettered capitalism. So he must be a Marxist, right?
Michael Coren | 10 December 2013 |
tags: capitalism, Catholicism, Pope Francis
Nope, but it’s hard to convince some people.

A breath of life for an old religion
Michael Cook | 03 December 2013 |
tags: Catholic Church, Christianity, Pope Francis
Pope Francis's game plan is a stunning and inspiring document.

Why liberal adulation risks obscuring the Pope’s mission
Austen Ivereigh | 03 December 2013 |
tags: Catholic Church, media, Pope Francis
Is Francis really the obvious new hero for the Left?

Faith and family, society’s double helix
Daniel Blackman | 21 November 2013 |
tags: book reviews, family values, secularisation
Religion needs the family as much as the family needs religion.

What’s wrong with Richard Dawkins?
Richard Bastien | 05 November 2013 |
tags: atheism, Darwinism, evolution, Richard Dawkins
For starters, his arguments for Darwinism are not very scientific.

The views of the Fisherman
Andrew Byrne | 21 October 2013 |
tags: Catholic Church, Pope Francis
Months after his election, the new Pope is still making waves.

How the West really lost God
Tom Ascik | 15 October 2013 |
tags: book reviews, family size, religion
The decline in the family has driven a decline in religious practice, says an American journalist.

Dear Pope… Dear Professor…
Benedict XVI | 27 September 2013 |
tags: atheism, Benedict XVI, Piergiorgio Odifreddi, science and faith
Benedict XVI engages with Italy’s best-known atheist, asking why he overlooks freedom, love and evil.

Is Quebec creating a secular utopia?
Margaret Somerville | 03 September 2013 |
tags: Canada, laïcité, Quebec, secularism
Has the Parti Québécois reflected on the dismal record of utopian thinking in the 20th Century?

“Godly Seed”
D.G. Hart | 27 June 2013 |
tags: Anthony Comstock, contraception, Margaret Sanger, Protestantism
After mainstream Protestant churches embraced the sexual revolution of the 1970s, they entered a demographic decline.

Mea Maxima Culpa: an exposé of an exposé
Sean Murphy | 02 April 2013 |
tags: film reviews, media ethics, sexual abuse
The scandal of an abusive priest in Wisconsin was ghastly enough. But a powerful documentary misrepresents how the Catholic Church dealt with it.

What have those pesky Christians ever done for us?
Peter Smith | 28 March 2013 |
tags: Christianity, religion, science
Easter is a good time to do a profit and loss statement on the creed which underpins Western culture.

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