Sex and society articles

sex and society

To protect women and minors, prohibit prostitution
Cristina Lopez and Jokin de Irala | 28 August 2015
tags: gender equality, prostitution, sex education
But use the law to drive down demand, say experts in public health and culture.

Pornography: prostitution’s identical twin
Melissa Farley | 28 August 2015
tags: pornography, prostitution, trafficking
Together with trafficking they make one exploitive sex industry.

Same-sex marriage and inter-racial marriage: not the same thing
Carson Holloway | 25 August 2015
tags: racism, same-sex marriage
Anti-miscegenation laws form a specious analogy.

Why I will keep fighting the culture war about sexuality
Thomas Lickona | 19 August 2015
tags: character education, culture wars, sexual revolution
A psychologist and educator responds to David Brooks' plea to quit.

Gender identity in an age of cultural confusion
Christopher O. Tollefsen | 23 July 2015
tags: gender identity, lying, philosophy
Can one change one's gender?

Playing David to the Goliath of gay rights groupthink
Christopher Rosik | 17 July 2015
tags: same-sex attraction, sexual orientation change efforts
Abandoning those who want help for homosexuality is not an option.

Sexual orientation change efforts and the campaign to ban them
Christopher Rosik | 17 July 2015
tags: same-sex attraction, sexual orientation change efforts
A MercatorNet interview with California psychologist Dr Christopher Rosik.

Where’s the harm? Assisting change in adolescent sexual orientation
Christopher Rosik | 16 July 2015
tags: adolescents, same-sex attraction, sexual orientation change efforts
It happens naturally, so why not in the therapist’s office?

Free speech: what banning ‘gay conversion therapy’ will really stop
Christopher Rosik | 15 July 2015
tags: free speech, same-sex attraction, sexual orientation change efforts
A professional therapist explains his work and what it is not.

Flight, fight, reform. What comes next for marriage defenders?
Carolyn Moynihan | 03 July 2015
tags: same-sex marriage
Is withdrawing from the battle front really an option?

Cognitive dissonance on a national scale
Zac Alstin | 03 July 2015
tags: same-sex marriage, social cohesion
Why is the redefinition of marriage so significant?

Don’t use my pain as a weapon: infertility and same-sex marriage
Oliver Olivarez | 26 June 2015
tags: infertility, same-sex marriage
Infertility is a loss for us in a way it can never be for a same-sex couple.

Transgenderism: a pathogenic meme
Paul McHugh | 18 June 2015
tags: gender dysphoria, psychiatry, transgenderism
Gender dysphoria should be treated with psychotherapy, not surgery.

‘Safe sex’ means risky sex for teenagers
Carolyn Moynihan | 18 June 2015
tags: adolescents, HIV, risk compensation, safe sex
A new international study in links this message with earlier but not safer sex.

Sorry, feminism is not about choice
Pauline Cooper-Ioelu | 12 June 2015
tags: choice, feminism, liberalism
Liberal feminism asks nothing of women and delivers nothing in return.

We, too, need a #NOlostgeneration campaign
Michael Cook | 11 June 2015
tags: children, children's rights, paedophilia
What lies beyond the bizarre expansion of children's rights to euthanasia and sex change surgery?

An African-American woman reflects on the transgender movement
Nuriddeen Knight | 11 June 2015
tags: gender dysphoria, psychology, transgenderism
The more our society tries to free itself from gender stereotypes, the more it becomes enslaved to them.

Womanhood in peril at the trans frontier
Carolyn Moynihan | 08 June 2015
tags: feminism, transgenderism
Caitlyn Jenner’s cover picture has feminists fuming, but there are more radical moves to fret about.

Cultural dysphoria
Zac Alstin | 04 June 2015
tags: gender dysphoria, transgenderism
What if we were all honest as Bruce Jenner about the things that make us uncomfortable?

‘No, you can’t get treatment for your child’s gender confusion’
Barbara Kay | 04 June 2015
tags: Canada, gender dysphoria, psychiatry
An Ontario bill would ban a proven therapy for children suffering gender dysphoria.

Why moms and dads both matter in marriage
Jenet Erickson | 28 May 2015
tags: fatherhood, motherhood, same-sex parenting
Courts and legislatures cannot alter biology or psychology.

Making differences disappear: the evolution of science on same-sex households
Mark Regnerus | 22 May 2015
tags: New Family Structures Study, same-sex parenting
Revisiting a same-sex parenting study: re-analysis or "impression management"?

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