Social and political issues

social and political issues

Seeking eternal life in a freezer
Michael Cook | 17 September 2015
tags: bioethics, cryonics, eternal life, immortality
Kim Suozzi, the young American woman with cancer who froze her head.

Scandinavian Unexceptionalism
Andrea Mrozek | 15 September 2015
tags: book reviews, Sweden, welfare state
How Sweden’s wealth, work and motivation have suffered due to the welfare state.

Job insecurity
Zac Alstin | 01 September 2015
tags: automation, economy, employment
Will automation free the wage-slave?

What makes a violent extremist?
Carolyn Moynihan | 29 July 2015
tags: family breakdown, ISIS, shootings, terrorism
ISIS videos and hate preachers. Anything else?

‘Everything beautiful is prepared as a sacrifice’
Roger Scruton | 17 July 2015
tags: democracy, elitism, minorities
In defence of elitism.

Francis in Bolivia spells out his vision of a true revolution
Austen Ivereigh | 13 July 2015
tags: Latin America, Pope Francis, poverty
"We do not love concepts or ideas; we love people."

Europe’s Greek miscalculation
George Friedman | 08 July 2015
tags: European Union, Greece, Grexit
The EU backs itself into a corner.

Is military might enough to defeat ISIS?
David Alpher | 07 July 2015
tags: ISIS, terrorism, warfare
Warfare alone can only treat the symptoms.

Faster, faster! How to slow down in an accelerating world
Massimo Introvigne | 06 July 2015
tags: religion, sociology, time management
Try losing time with those you love.

An ode to Democracy in America
John Keane | 06 July 2015
tags: Alexis de Tocqueville, democracy
Why de Tocqueville's masterpiece is still worth reading.

ISIS and the Victim Mentality
Izzy Kalman | 03 July 2015
tags: bullying, ISIS, victims, violence
Perpetrators of mass violence see themselves as victims.

Public Debt, Political Paralysis, and the West
Samuel Gregg | 02 July 2015
tags: debt, economics
Government and citizens refuse to face difficult economic choices.

Honesty in politics
Peter Smith | 27 May 2015
tags: British politics, conservatives
Can Britain's new Conservative government live up to the promise of its own manifesto?

Is there a way to execute humanely?
Zac Alstin | 21 May 2015
tags: execution, guillotine, lethal injection
Nothing can guarantee that an execution will not be cruel and unusual.

The punishment of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev
Carolyn Moynihan | 20 May 2015
tags: Boston Marathon bombings, death penalty
Reasons not to execute the Boston Marathon bomber.

Secrets from an everyday hero’s playbook
Rachel Ottenbreit | 14 May 2015
tags: Canada, heroes, shootings
Kevin Vickers is a man of peace, but he saved lives by shooting a gunman in Canada's Parliament.

Death penalty derails Indonesia’s legal reform efforts
Asmin Fransiska | 29 April 2015
tags: death penalty, Indonesia, war on drugs
It has become one of the biggest obstacles in applying international human rights principles.

Indonesia’s drug executions make no sense
Tobias Basuki | 29 April 2015
tags: death penalty, Indonesia, war on drugs
Killing eight people is not 'shock therapy' but an inversion of justice.

Armenian genocide denial poisons Turkey’s relations with the world
Michael Hesemann | 15 April 2015
tags: Armenian genocide, genocide, Pope Francis, Turkey
Turkey is furious after the Pope lamented the first genocide of the 20th century.

The Middle Eastern balance of power matures
George Friedman | 01 April 2015
tags: balance of power, Iran, Middle East, Saudi Arabia, Turkey
The US is taking a back seat and allowing regional powers to slug it out.

China’s fragile political evolution
Rodger Baker and John Minnich | 26 March 2015
tags: China, Xi Jinping
An anti-corruption campaign signals a struggle between competing models of the future.

Lee Kuan Yew, pragmatist
Michael Cook | 25 March 2015
tags: Lee Kwan Yew, pragmatism, Singapore
Singaporeans have paid a high price for economic success.

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