Weapons of choice

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It’s one thing to talk in anti-gun, anti-violence rhetoric, which somehow winds up being associated with liberals. But some of those same people are sure firing round after round at Sarah Palin and John McCain.

Palin, especially, is the target.

NARAL Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood and EMILY’s List have Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) in their crosshairs, calling her a staunch opponent of abortion rights.

Funny how rhetoric works…or not. ‘Opponent’ is supposed to be a negative word, and ‘rights’ a positive one. But then this is the same group that have brought us mass murder of unborn human beings for 35 years under the guise of “choice”.

So, is this heated campaign of rhetoric and massive sums of money for fear and smear ads going to work?

Depends on the question….for whom?

Hoping to drive a wedge between the pro-life GOP base and party… click here to read whole article and make comments



Who did the ‘gotcha’ interview get?

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 Pic image of Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, Alaska's governor and Sen. John McCain's running mate, interviewed by

Photo by Donna Svennevik/ABC News

Charlie Gibson’s interview series with Sarah Palin was a hit job.

If you just read the media coverage of it since it started airing these past couple of nights, you would think Palin was shown for a fool, extreme in her religious beliefs (see post below), dishonest in her portraying her own state policies, unprepared for the weighty questions of government.

Then there’s the reality of seeing the interview. I watched it last night aired again in full on ABC, and was astounded by Gibson’s flagrant condescension during the entire thing. He treated Palin with disdain, disrespect, distrust and impatience, and made himself look more unprofessional than I’ve ever seen him before. He cut her off before… click here to read whole article and make comments



NARAL at a loss?

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Leaders of the abortion movement seem to be re-grouping to figure out just what to say about their opposition to the McCain-Palin ticket.

Attacking them for being pro-life doesn’t quite do it….so they’re asking for help finding words.

The idea is for the abortion advocates to come up with the catchiest way of slamming McCain and Palin for wanting to protect women and unborn children.

“There is so much wrong with the McCain-Palin ticket that we hardly know where to begin. We’ve been trying to come up with some ideas—will you help us sum up what this ticket means for a woman’s right to choose?” NARAL big-wig Nancy Keenan wrote in an email today.

“Enter our bumper sticker slogan contest today and help us spread the word about the McCain-Palin ticket and the harm they’d bring,” Keenan says.

See, it’s always been about slogans.

click here to read whole article and make comments



ABC’s of media manipulation

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The network can direct and edit a recorded interview as much as it desires, like….say….Charlie Gibson’s widely seen interrogation of Sarah Palin. But she knows what she said.

And the McCain campaign is trying to set the record straight on a thing or two.

Millions of TV viewers who watched ABC News’ interview with Sarah Palin Thursday night never saw her take issue with a key question in which she was asked if she believes that the U.S. military effort in Iraq is “a task that is from God.”

The exchange between Palin and ABC’s Charlie Gibson, in which she questioned the accuracy of the quote attributed to her, was edited out of the television broadcast but included in official, unedited transcripts posted on ABC’s Web site, as well as in video posted on the Internet.

But in the version shown on television, a video clip of her… click here to read whole article and make comments



Think it can’t get worse on Palin?

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Take a look at this.

U.S. vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s loving and highly-publicized acceptance of her Down’s syndrome child Trig has some Canadian doctors worried that her example may lead to mothers shunning abortion after diagnosis of Down’s syndrome.


Dr. Andre Lalonde, executive vice-president of the Society of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists of Canada (SOGC), told the Globe and Mail yesterday, “Palin’s decision to keep her baby, knowing he would be born with the condition, may inadvertently influence other women who may lack the necessary emotional and financial support to do the same.”

Is this serious? Or are we still in Wonderland?

“The worry is that this will have an implication for abortion issues in Canada,” he said.

We are seriously adrift in Wonderland.

Under the facade of “freedom to choose”, Lalonde said that “popular messages” about women… click here to read whole article and make comments



Sen. Biden’s inbox

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He has another piece of correspondence from more bishops of the Church to help clarify the teachings of the faith that he and some of his colleagues are misrepresenting in the media.

This one is from Chaput.

When Catholics serve on the national stage, their actions and words impact the faith of Catholics around the country. As a result, they open themselves to legitimate scrutiny by local Catholics and local bishops on matters of Catholic belief. In 2008, although NBC probably didn’t intend it, Meet the Press has become a national window on the flawed moral reasoning of some Catholic public servants.

Flawed moral reasoning presented as matters of arbitrary judment is scandalous to the public, and misleading on true matters of social justice.

Since there seems to be, in the public mind, a division of two camps of Catholics into the ‘peace and social justice crowd’ and the ‘pro-life… click here to read whole article and make comments



Meet the bishops

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Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden has followed Speaker Nancy Pelsoi in appearing on Meet the Press and misrepresenting his Catholic fath before voter. Now all those bishops who have been coming out with public corrections of Church teaching on matters of morality and social policy….can just cc: those on to Biden.

Or issue new ones. Like this one from the entire body of US bishops.

Senator Biden did not claim that Catholic teaching allows or has ever allowed abortion.  He said rightly that human life begins “at the moment of conception,” and that Catholics and others who recognize this should not be required by others to pay for abortions with their taxes. 

However, the Senator’s claim that the beginning of human life is a “personal and private” matter of religious faith, one which cannot be “imposed” on others, does not reflect the truth of the matter.  The Church recognizes that… click here to read whole article and make comments



No, you can’t

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People like feel-good promises more than assertive guidelines. If you distort the truth or flat-out lie with enough convincing authority, people will believe you. Promise them anything…anything…and sound smart and confident, and they won’t care that facts don’t back up the words. Some people seem to believe that just saying something makes it so.

Like, Catholics who oppose abortion can support politicians who staunchly defend abortion. Especially when given a choice between candidates for an office. Doug Kmiec is one of the more baffling cases of such politics of Wonderland these days. And he’s out to make his case, in spite of Church teaching to the contrary.

Obama does not advocate the reversal of Roe vs. Wade, and orthodox Catholics do. We do for the very clear reason given by George in a Sept. 2 letter—namely, “one cannot favor the legal status quo on abortion and also be working for the common good.”

That’s exactly… click here to read whole article and make comments



The Catholic vote

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A new resource came online today for Catholics seeking news updates and information about Church teachings regarding politics and participation in the democratic process.

And inspiration about what matters most. 

click here to read whole article and make comments



The Palin pulse factor

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Her presence is causing hearts to race….and not all out of love.

Collectively, big media and the liberal elites are palpably angry. Why?

From the instant of Palin’s designation on Friday, August 29, the American left went into a collective mass seizure from which it shows no sign of emerging. The left blogosphere and elite media have, for the moment, joined forces and become indistinguishable from each other, and from the supermarket tabloids, in their desire to find and use anything that will criminalize and/or humiliate Palin and her family. In sharp contrast to the yearlong restraint shown toward truthful reports about John Edwards’s affair, bizarre rumors have been reported as news, and, according to McCain campaign director Steve Schmidt, nationally known members of the elite media have besieged him with preposterous demands.

Pause on that for a moment. The liberal blogosphere, supermarket tabloids and the elite media have… click here to read whole article and make comments


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