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Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain and running mate Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin greet supporters after McCain's acceptance speech Thursday night in St. Paul.

Photo by Darr Beiser - USA Today

The parties are over, in one sense.

But the Democratic party last week and the Republican party this week have defined their stake in this election at their conventions, and it all wound up tonight with John McCain’s acceptance speech. How did he do in the wake of the Sarah Palin tidal wave?

He said his running mate, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, is “just the right partner” to help lead the change.

“She’s tackled tough problems like energy independence and corruption,” he told the Republican National Convention. “She stands up for what’s right and she doesn’t let anyone tell her to sit down.”

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Everyone watching both conventions…

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…will have seen nicely done video biographies of the major candidates for president and vice-president.

Except the one for Sarah Palin. The RNC has been keeping up with changes on the fly ever since it opened on the day the Gulf Coast was threatened with a major hurricane. One of those last minute changes was the abrupt need to drop the video bio after earlier speeches ran long and backed up the evening. The applause had barely settled after Rudy Giuliani spoke - and the analysts in their news booths were just starting to discuss it - when vice-presidential candidate Palin simply walked out on stage and headed for the podium, startling everyone. She’s the one candidate who didn’t benefit from the buildup of a specially-prepared video.

The RNC released it today. Here it is.

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Bring it

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Highlights from the RNC in full throttle. With energy from after-burners fired from launching in the face of a lynching.

It was Sarah Palin’s night. No vice-presidential nominee in history has faced this kind of pressure. All she had to do, pundits said, was (in baseball terms), hit a single. Surprise, it was a home-run.

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin came out swinging against her critics, defending her nomination for vice president by portraying her experience as governor as sufficient, her time as a small-town mayor as an asset, and the attacks on her record as the work of an elitist media and political establishment.

In remarks at the Republican convention Wednesday night, Gov. Palin directly confronted a grueling barrage of accusations that she’s not ready for the job.

In a bold affront that just about nobody expected - judging from ’pre-game’… click here to read whole article and make comments



Palin’s speech in perspective

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Whether you’re reading this in advance of Sarah Palin’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention or afterward, it adds a lot of dimension. More than anything you’re going to hear in the wildly out of control mainstream media.

It says so much in so little space.

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The media at their worst

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The unprecedented wrath and fury of the media campaign against Sarah Palin is stunning. Is there anyone in mainstream media not judging her by double standards?

The Chicago Tribune editors are at least mulling that one over.

Whew. This rush to judge Sarah Palin—a woman whose name most Americans first heard just four days ago—is breathtaking…

Judging Sarah Palin will be America’s parlor game from now until Nov. 4. She asked for scrutiny when she agreed to run alongside Republican John McCain. Bring it on. But the rest of us can temper our unfolding discoveries about this would-be vice president with what they tell us about her judgment and character. That’s what matters:

We have seen Obama acknowledge his youthful use of illicit drugs. We have heard John McCain confess that his own immaturity destroyed his first marriage. We have watched Joe Biden’s career suffer from disclosures of… click here to read whole article and make comments



At the heart of it all

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The first criticism fired from the Obama camp at vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin was that she’s not qualified to be a heartbeat away from the presidency. That line of attack has only intensified since she was announced last Friday.

Governor Mike Huckabee was one of several news guests I’ve heard recently who point out that her executive experience in running a business, a town and a state already qualify her for the office more than any experience Sen. Barack Obama has had to date. Or other senators, for that matter. Because ‘they talk a lot, and vote sometimes, but they don’t run anything or administrate.’ Besides, Obama has been running for president nearly since Illinois sent him to Washington to represent the state in the Senate.

So about that heartbeat…

What’s really at issue here in the campaign against Sarah Palin is that she’s a strong pro-life woman in an executive position, who is now a candidate… click here to read whole article and make comments



The early feminists were pro-life

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Remember that? Feminists for Life does, and they couldn’t be happier with John McCain’s selection for running mate.

Here’s what FFL president Serrin Foster told CNA:

“One can only wonder how Susan B. Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton would feel to see this: Hillary speaking on the anniversary of the 88th Amendment, which granted women the right to vote. And now, Sarah Palin two days later, becoming the first pro-life feminist to be chosen as a major party’s vice presidential nominee.”

Her story is emerging rapidly, as is the spin against her of course, since she is a pro-life woman in such a prominent role.

Okay, look at the text and context.

Why has Palin generated such energy? Some reasons are obvious. Economic conservatives like her fiscal record. Gun-rights advocates are eager to get behind a moose-hunting NRA member. Social and religious… click here to read whole article and make comments



Do conservatives have a sense of humour?

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The Republican National Convention schedule was published in the New York Times today.

Okay, the sort of RNC schedule. The parody by Christopher Buckley.

Well, the NRO media blog thought it was funny.

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Damage control

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Crisis averted in Louisiana, though Gustav is still hitting Mississippi.

News is still breaking out all over about Republican VP pick Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter being five months pregnant. Detractors are shameful in exploiting the news for its smear value. GOP and other sympathizers are quickly responding to both the news and the smears.

Will it matter to this race?

Palin has a VERY strong following among social conservatives who are nearly certain to give her the benefit of the doubt in this situation. She is a known commodity in social conservative circles and is regarded as “one of them” — a fact that should lessen any criticism from the right.


Democrats must be VERY careful not to take a false step here. Some Republicans have already insisted that the Obama campaign is behind the rumor-mongering about Sarah, Bristol and Trig — although… click here to read whole article and make comments



Adversity tests character

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At the start of another major political week, with Republicans newly energized over McCain’s VP pick, politicians are mobilized for the larger cause of confronting a looming disaster threatening our vulnerable Gulf port.

The New York Times thoroughly reviewed where we’ve been with such threats, and where we’re headed.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is one of the nation’s outstanding leaders. Quick reminder: After Hurricane Katrina, the likelihood of a Republican being elected in Louisiana was practically nil. Jindal rose above all that. He’s one of the rising stars of the Republican party, and figured prominently in the Republican National Convention this week.

As was newly named vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Of course, John McCain is the central figure to this week’s process and celebration. 

Gustav changed all… click here to read whole article and make comments


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