Damage control

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Crisis averted in Louisiana, though Gustav is still hitting Mississippi.

News is still breaking out all over about Republican VP pick Sarah Palin’s teenage daughter being five months pregnant. Detractors are shameful in exploiting the news for its smear value. GOP and other sympathizers are quickly responding to both the news and the smears.

Will it matter to this race?

Palin has a VERY strong following among social conservatives who are nearly certain to give her the benefit of the doubt in this situation. She is a known commodity in social conservative circles and is regarded as “one of them” — a fact that should lessen any criticism from the right.


Democrats must be VERY careful not to take a false step here. Some Republicans have already insisted that the Obama campaign is behind the rumor-mongering about Sarah, Bristol and Trig — although… click here to read whole article and make comments



Adversity tests character

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At the start of another major political week, with Republicans newly energized over McCain’s VP pick, politicians are mobilized for the larger cause of confronting a looming disaster threatening our vulnerable Gulf port.

The New York Times thoroughly reviewed where we’ve been with such threats, and where we’re headed.

Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is one of the nation’s outstanding leaders. Quick reminder: After Hurricane Katrina, the likelihood of a Republican being elected in Louisiana was practically nil. Jindal rose above all that. He’s one of the rising stars of the Republican party, and figured prominently in the Republican National Convention this week.

As was newly named vice-presidential nominee Sarah Palin.

Of course, John McCain is the central figure to this week’s process and celebration. 

Gustav changed all… click here to read whole article and make comments



Bold, yes. Risky, depends…

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…on who’s doing the assessing. That’s the word of choice for the Democrats and much of the media. But they can’t ignore this: The choice of Sara Palin as McCain’s running mate has jazzed the conservative movement more than anything has in years.

Republicans have their own plans for solving the energy crisis, as do the Democrats. But they’ve solved an internal one swiftly, and with a big payoff.

Conservatives are thrilled with the selection of Sarah Palin as John McCain’s running-mate…Sarah Palin is a real deal conservative, down the line, on all of the issues. This has the immediate effect of energizing the base to battle to keep the White House and to close the gap in or take back the House of Representatives. It is especially important that she is ardently pro-life, and the story of her family is certain to resonate with those values voters who prize faith and… click here to read whole article and make comments



No throw of the dice

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Republican presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., left, and Republican Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin acknowledge supporters after McCain introduced Palin as his Vice Presidential running mate Friday, Aug. 29, 2008 at Ervin J. Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio.  (AP Photo/Kiichiro Sato)

McCain stuns the nation and picks Sara Palin, a relatively little-known woman governor as his running mate. The media buzzword of the day has been “gamble” - they’re all assessing the risk factor in this choice.

This is no gamble.

Sara Palin is the jackpot.

More later…

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The last 24 hours…

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This week marked two major historical events with two history making sequels. On the anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s passionate ‘I Have a Dream’ speech, the first African-American presidential nominee delivered his acceptance speech in front of the largest outdoor stadium crowd and the largest worldwide audience via technology. And just about on the anniversary of the women’s right to vote, the Republican party named the first woman ever to the presidential ticket as a running mate to the nominee.

How did they unfold? Rapidly. Within a roughly 15 hour span overnight from Thursday to Friday.

On the day of Obama’s speech, Sen. John McCain ran only one television ad, congratulating Obama for his success and achievement, noting the historically important day. “Well done,” he concluded. It was classy.

As for the Obama speech, the grandiose setting turned out to be impressive and inspiring. When he strolled out to thundering applause, it was something to behold. When he… click here to read whole article and make comments



Convention tipping point

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Pundits say the Democratic National Convention was fine but a little flat in the early going. That all changed Wednesday night, and now, the grand finale.

Peggy Noonan has one of the best pieces out there looking at the week, and the big gamble on the final night.

On the Clintons:

As for Bill Clinton’s speech, halfway through I thought: The Master has arrived. Crazy Bill, the red-faced Rageaholic, was somewhere else. This was Deft Political Pro Bill doing what no one had been able to do up to this point at the convention, and that is make the case for Barack Obama…

The Hillary speech was the best of her career. Toward Obama she was exactly as gracious as she is capable of being…Mrs. Clinton’s actions this week have been pivotal not only for Obama, but for her. She showed herself capable of appearing to put party first.… click here to read whole article and make comments



Theological reductionism

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The issues raised recently of human life and rights aren’t going to go away in a political strategy of changing the subject to health care and employment. In fact, there’s no turning back on the forces of truth that have gathered to confront a jarring spate of distortions.

Recall Pope Benedict’s famous ‘dictatorship of relativism’ homily:

How many winds of doctrine have we known in recent decades, how many ideological currents, how many ways of thinking. The small boat of the thought of many Christians has often been tossed about by these waves…

Today, having a clear faith based on the Creed of the Church is often labeled as fundamentalism. Whereas relativism, that is, letting oneself be “tossed here and there, carried about by every wind of doctrine”, seems the only attitude that can cope with modern times. We are building a dictatorship of relativism that does not recognize anything… click here to read whole article and make comments



It’s all about the one

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The Democratic National Convention is supposed to pull the party together, finally, in a great reconciliation and show of unity. How’s that going at this point?

Sen. Hillary Clinton did her part in that much-anticipated speech.

“Whether you voted for me, or voted for Barack, the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose. We are on the same team, and none of us can afford to sit on the sidelines,” she said. “This is a fight for the future, and it’s a fight we must win together.”

But some team players have their own game plan.

In another sign of lingering discord between the Clinton and Obama camps, FOX News confirmed Wednesday that former President Bill Clinton will not attend Barack Obama’s Democratic presidential nomination acceptance speech at Invesco Field in Denver Thursday night.

Which… click here to read whole article and make comments



It’s actually a donkey on the table

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The issue very intelligent politicians and their media allies are adept at ignoring, right at the heart of their rhetorical flourish about civil and human rights for all people, is when human life begins.

Now that the subject has been newly raised in the Saddleback Civil Forum, it’s very much on the table. In this Newsweek online piece, George Weigel asks why Democrats are ignoring it.

Throughout this lengthy campaign, the Democratic Party has worked hard to present itself as the party of intellect, competence and moral seriousness. Yet it’s off to a very rocky start in addressing the substance of the abortion issue—which remains, 35 years after Roe v. Wade, one of the most volatile in our public life. Talk this week by Democratic leaders about lowering the incidence of abortion in America will rightly be welcomed by pro-life Democrats, including the large number of pro-life African-American Democrats. But the recent public record has… click here to read whole article and make comments



Loud Speaker

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It wasn’t the volume of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments on “Meet the Press” Sunday that projected them so far and stung ears. It was the tenor and text (see post below).

She called herself “an ardent practicing Catholic” who believes the question of when life begins (which NBC’s Tom Brokaw had just asked her) was a long standing controversy in Church that even St. Augustine couldn’t answer and it “shouldn’t have an impact on a woman’s right to choose.” When Brokaw followed up saying “The Catholic Church believes at this moment that life begins at conception”… Pelosi said yes, “that’s been in the last 50 years or so.”


Cardinal Justin F. Rigali, chairman of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Pro-Life Activities, and Bishop William E. Lori, chairman of the U.S. Bishops’ Committee on Doctrine, have issued the following statement:

In the course of a “Meet the Press” interview on abortion… click here to read whole article and make comments


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