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Towards a democracy of hope
Cardinal George Pell | 17 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
tags: Catholic Church, democracy, George Pell, Islam
Cardinal George Pell has won the respect of the media with his straightforward manner and the strength of his intellect. Here he talks about Islam, Christianity and democracy.

Get rid of that sinking feeling
Michael Cook | 17 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
Film reviews on the internet are a godsend for parents who want to know what their children will be watching.

The ultimate Christmas present
Michael Cook | 17 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
tags: Christmas, euthanasia, Netherlands
Santa came early for good little girls and boys in the Netherlands, bringing the gift of involuntary euthanasia for children under 12.

The selfish society begins to crack
Social Action | 17 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
How will we cope with an ageing society if our common ideal has been individual self-fulfillment? The Social Action research service reports.

A tale of crooked accounts and pyromaniacs
Christopher Martin | 17 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
We've seen both over these last few months, but it isn't just that. The real similarity is that both are using their professional skills in an unprofessional way - but what does this mean?

Will the true Islam please stand up?
Martin Fitzgerald | 17 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
Do Osama bin Laden and his murderous associates speak for all Muslims? Or are there many voices of Islam?

Tabloid tittle-tattle
Francis Phillips | 10 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
tags: book reviews, Catholic Church, John Paul II
John Cornwell
The Pontiff in Winter: Triumph and Conflict in the Reign of John Paul II
Doubleday. US$24. 95, ISBN 0385514840

An African star performer crashes and burns
Eugene Ohu | 10 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
tags: Africa, Ivory Coast
Hundreds of people in the Ivory Coast have died, foreign residents have fled and its economy is in tatters. An apparently senseless civil war has pitted North against South, natives against migrants, Christians against Muslims. Why?<

State Building
Alejo Jose G. Sison | 10 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
Francis Fukuyama has a knack for identifying the big issues, framing them, and setting the agenda for learned discussions across the international community.

Is the biotech revolution a myth?
Michael Cook | 10 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
All over the world governments are staking the future of their economies on biotechnology, especially stem cell research. Have they been sold a pig in a poke?

The ultimate deconstruction for the ultimate deconstructionist
Miguel Angel Garrido | 10 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
One of the most famous academic voices of the twentieth century has been silenced by the common lot of all men.

A life’s a life for all that
Carolyn Moynihan | 10 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
In May this year a New Zealand man smothered his five-month-old daughter after she was diagnosed with lissencephalus, meaning her brain was profoundly under-developed and she would never walk or talk. Recently it took a jury only 47 minutes to find the father not guilty of any crime - a verdict that has made the position of disabled infants suddenly more precarious. Carolyn Moynihan spoke with a woman who deplores this turn of events and appeals for more understanding of disabled people and their families.

Homeopathy and the internet
Christopher Martin | 10 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
Experts often defend "art" that is offensive to ordinary mortals on the ground that cultural expression can do no harm. If that is true then it cannot do any good either, and is worthless.

A quiet breakthrough in AIDS policy
Michael Cook | 03 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
tags: Africa, AIDS, Uganda
It was hard to miss World AIDS Day this week. If you weren't approached to buy a red ribbon on the sidewalk, the plight of AIDS sufferers around the globe leapt out of television screens and newspapers.

Classic dads
Andrew Mullins | 03 December 2004 | FEATURES |  
The Roman Forum never bustled with Fathers' Day shoppers since dies patrum had not yet been invented. But, make no mistake, fatherhood was appreciated two thousand years ago. If Greek and Roman literature is any indication, many ancient writers regarded it as a great privilege to raise children, and they were not short on parenting know-how.

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