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Marriage deserves more because it gives more
Chris Meney | 31 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
The continued provision of preferential support for parents and children over other types of unions is vital for society.

How brave a new world?
Leon R. Kass | 31 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
There is nothing "brave" or beautiful about the biotechnised world we are entering, says one of America's best-known bioethicists.

The Nanny Diaries
Leticia Velasquez | 31 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
tags: film reviews
A popular film sets out to critique upper-class Manhattan mores but makes a disappointing concession to them.

The crimes of Michael Vick
Michael Cook | 31 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
When dogs die in Virginia, there's a media frenzy. When patients die in New Orleans, there's silence.

Bush’s Vietnam War history lesson
Robert R. Reilly | 27 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
Is it naive to suggest that the war in Iraq is like the war in Vietnam?

A new era for African media
Martyn Drakard | 23 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
Why does the West think that war, famine and death are Africa's only commodities, asks an award-winning journalist.

Abstinence education: are we asking the right questions?
Jokin de Irala | 22 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
Research findings seem to show that abstinence only education "doesn't work". Surely that means we have to make it better, not just give up.

Canada ponders polygamy
Margaret Somerville | 20 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
tags: polyamory, polygamy, same-sex marriage
Now that same-sex marriage has been legalised, it seems inconsistent to prosecute Canada's polygamists.

Is inter-faith dialogue faltering?
Andrew Byrne | 20 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
The culture wars are bad enough. Now the Vatican says that Protestant churches aren't real churches. What's going on?

Do science and rationality support atheism?
Edward Remler | 18 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
tags: atheism
No, says a nuclear physicist. To understand why, you must be prepared to face the Fundamental Question of Philosophy: Why is there anything rather than nothing?

Focus on media: Magazines faking the feminine
Selena Ewing | 17 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
A report being launched in Australia this weekend aims to open the eyes of young women to what Cosmo culture is all about.

Focus on media: ad-proofing your kids
Tania Andrusiak | 17 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
When the school photographer offers to touch up your child's picture she could always say, 'No thanks'.

Focus on media: A toxic culture for girls
Melinda Tankard Reist | 17 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
The shameless exploitation of little girls by commercial interests is poisoning a generation.

The woman from Meath
Frank Brennan | 16 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
A palliative care physician remembers a moment of love.

Playing catch-up with scientific change
Stephen Buckle | 16 August 2007 | FEATURES |  
One of the great cliches of modern journalism is that technology is racing far ahead of morals. A very convenient excuse, says a philosopher.

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