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Bomb scare
Carolyn Moynihan | 02 July 2005 | FEATURES |  
Infertility is a time bomb threatening the very existence of Europe, experts in the field said this week. Is anyone taking them seriously?

One Nation Under Therapy
Andrew Mullins | 01 July 2005 | FEATURES |  
After years of substituting syndromes for sins and self-esteem for achievement, many parents no longer feel the need to educate the characters of their children, say the authors of One Nation Under Therapy.

The hidden side of Ireland’s success
Seamus Grimes | 01 July 2005 | FEATURES |  
Ireland has become one of the richest countries in Europe, with multinational flocking to take advantage of its generous tax rates and educated workforce. But there is a downside.

Why should we bother to read old books?
Christopher Martin | 01 July 2005 | FEATURES |  
Are you just a mouldy fuddy-duddy if your taste in reading runs to Plato and other hoary authors?

Cinderella Man
William Park | 26 June 2005 | FEATURES |  
Here’s a puzzle for you. A magnificent actor, a robust script, terrific sets, an unsentimental story about fortitude, perseverance, self-sacrifice and loyalty. And yet it has fizzled at the box office.

Where did he come from?
Carolyn Moynihan | 24 June 2005 | FEATURES |  
In the ultimate feel-good finish, Michael Campbell, an unheralded New Zealander, picked off Tiger Woods in the US Open.

Cuomo cuts through ethical knot with a committee
Michael Cook | 24 June 2005 | FEATURES |  
Former New York governor Mario Cuomo has proposed that an expert committee guide Congress in deciding whether human embryos are human beings. We asked former researcher and medical ethicist Dianne Irving for her comments.

G-rated for gold mine?
Michael Cook | 24 June 2005 | FEATURES |  
G-rated films are 11 times as profitable as R-rated films, but Hollywood makes 12 times as many R-rated films. What's going on?

Uncomfortable truths about Terri Schiavo
Harry Moody | 24 June 2005 | FEATURES |  
An autopsy has confirmed that Terri Shiavo did have massive brain damage. She was probably blind and unaware and could not eat or drink. But what does this prove?

Calibrating happiness
Carolyn Moynihan | 24 June 2005 | FEATURES |  
By 2020 depression will be the second-largest cause of disability in the world for both men and women of all ages. So researchers are beavering away on what makes us happy. Have they got it right?

Batman Begins
| 19 June 2005 | FEATURES |  
With a screech of tires, the Caped Crusader has burst into the summer movie market to save Gotham City from an army of villains and Warner Brothers from financial distress. Teenage boys will love it.

The Da Vince Code Hoax
Francis Phillips | 18 June 2005 | FEATURES |  
Why are millions of people around the world reading a mishmash of comic book history and bogus theology expressed in hackneyed prose? A review of The Da Vinci Code Hoax

Making better people
Carolyn Moynihan | 18 June 2005 | FEATURES |  
Want a smarter baby? A faster baby? A blonder baby? Prepared to pay for it? You might be able to some day if transhumanists have their way.

Truth or consequences
Michael Cook | 17 June 2005 | FEATURES |  
tags: Guantanamo Bay, torture, utilitarianism, war on terror
What philosophy can justify the abuse of enemy combatants in Guantanamo Bay? The same one which justifies stem cell research and euthanasia.

The crowded house of evolution
Phillip Elias | 17 June 2005 | FEATURES |  
tags: Charles Darwin, creationism, Darwinism, evolution, Richard Dawkins
What did Richard Dawkins, the world's foremost champion of Darwinism, mean by saying that he believed in evolution but could not prove it?

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