Helena Adeloju

Helena Adeloju lives in Australia. She is a Melbourne-based journalist who has also worked in newspaper and television newsrooms in Sydney and Hobart. She has had the opportunity to travel widely across Europe and America for both work and pleasure.

Helena has a Bachelor of Arts (Journalism) from Monash University and a Graduate Certificate of Bioethics. Her natural curiosity gives her endless inspiration for writing.

The loneliness of the middle-aged man
21 Apr 2017 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: friendship, loneliness, men
As well as his family, a man needs friends.

Amazon refunds parents for kids unauthorised purchases
10 Apr 2017 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: parenting, Parenting, technology use
But technology orphans cannot be repaid missing parental time.

Moralising marketers want to teach your children values
27 Mar 2017 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: marketing, parenting, Parenting, values
Only, they might not be the values you want the kids to have.

‘You can’t say that!’
7 Sep 2015 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: feminism, sexual violence
A 1980s rock singer claims responsibility for being sexually assaulted, and feminists are furious.

Another child abuse scandal in the making?
2 Jun 2015 | CONJUGALITY |  
tags: Australia, child abuse, same-sex marriage, stolen generation
The rush to same-sex marriage shows Australians are learning nothing from historical child abuse.

A miracle only a mother could work
10 Jan 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: abortion, end-of-life issues
A woman who is medically dead might still save her unborn child, if others will allow it.

Protect trees - but not the family tree?
9 Jan 2014 | CONJUGALITY |  
tags: family relationships, same-sex parenting, sperm donation
Donor dads, same-sex parents... What about the child's right to know her heritage?

Facebook fail
25 Mar 2013 | FEATURES |  
tags: advertising, Facebook, pornography
I am no friend of a networking site that leaves me unprotected from offensive ads and posts.

Reality TV: too much of a bad thing
9 May 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: reality TV
‘Humankind cannot bear very much reality,’ said T S Eliot. How right he was.

Porn again
17 Apr 2008 | FEATURES |  
A report by three Australian academics tries to convince us that women are shaping a new and ethical porn industry.

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