Kevin Ryan

Kevin Ryan is a retired professor, living at the edge of Boston and of sanity. He was once a high school English teacher, but found the work too hard and became a professor of education. That worked out okay for him. Having tricked a ravishing farm girl-turned-English-teacher into marriage, she mothered his children and does most of his writing for him. Early in his so-called career he read that teachers are drawn to teach subjects that have presented personal stumbling blocks. Therefore, he focused his career on the art of teaching and character formation. He is still working away at both. The farm girl and Kevin have nine very superior grandchildren. And she is still ravishing.

Are character strengths enough?
14 Oct 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: character education, democracy, moral relativism
Teaching virtues to school children is only one part of handing on our moral heritage.

An agenda for the Silent Generation
2 Aug 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: democracy, education reform, young adult
There is no shortage of issues awaiting the attention of the under-40s.

Wanted: a new Mario Savio
26 Jul 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: American politics, young adult
Young Americans need to find their voice and put their bodies on the political gears.

Another coffin nail for US public education
11 Jul 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: California, education, homosexuality
California's new gay-friendly curriculum raises questions about the future of government-run schools.

Yale and the Nanny State
24 May 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: education, sexism, Yale
Why has the Federal Government become involved in disciplining frat boy wannabees?

How do you say, “You want fries with that?” in Mandarin?
21 Jan 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: education, motherhood, parenting
Worries about American parenting are fuelled by a faltering economy.

A moral crisis, not a money crisis
13 Dec 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: China, education, United States
Want to know how to push American kids back to the top of the education ladder? A leading educator has an agenda for teachers and parents.

The college bubble
26 Aug 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: college, employment, tuition debt
As senior college administrators’ salaries go through the roof, graduates are left with the equivalent of sub-prime mortgages.

Get a job, son
9 Jul 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: economics, education, labour market
As questions about the economy go deeper, vocational education is getting a fresh look.

Flat tires, diapers and school reform
10 Mar 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: Barack Obama, education, school reform
Are federally mandated accountability and school choice going to join other attempts to change US schools in the junkyard of great ideas?

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