Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood is not a benevolent society

Michael Coren | 21 February 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: Egypt, Islam, Middle East
Its links with radical Islamists and a history of supporting terror make Egypt’s largest opposition group a danger for peace in the Middle East.

Egypt: stirrings of Islamic radicalism?

George Friedman | 05 January 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: Christians, Egypt, Islam, Stratfor
With a regime change in sight, the attack on a Coptic church may signal Islamist ambitions.

Two faiths, two women and their friendship

Jennifer S. Bryson | 19 November 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: films, Islam, multiculturalism, tolerance
In the film, Arranged, shared values bridge the faith divide in an unexpected way.

Beware of multicultural blessings in the Maldives

Paul Adams | 01 November 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: Islam, marriage, multiculturalism
A European couple got more than they bargained for when they renewed their marriage vows in a resort hotel. 

The Closing of the Muslim Mind

Michael Cook | 29 October 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: Islam, philosophy, terrorism
A deformed theology has produced a dysfunctional culture.

Germany re-enters history

George Friedman | 25 October 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: European Union, Germany, Islam, multiculturalism
Chancellor Angela Merkel recently declared that Germany's policy of multiculturalism "has failed totally". What comes next?

Sharia law, women’s dignity and the family

Carolyn Moynihan | 19 October 2010 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: family, Islam, sharia courts
An American political candidate has raised the alarm in the US about sharia law, claiming that two districts were already effectively under the Islamic legal system. Exaggeration aside, what kind of threat, if any, does this system pose to American or Western values if it is tolerated?

Is tolerant Islam a myth?

Michael Coren | 23 September 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: dhimmitude, Islam, tolerance
At its best, Islam offers only paternalistic tolerance for despised minorities, says an acclaimed author.

9/11 is different this year, and not

Sheila Liaugminas | 11 September 2010 | SHEILA REPORTS |  
tags: 911, Ground Zero, Islam, Pope Benedict prayer
Each September 11th since 2001 has had its own climate in which we remember the horror of that day, and we all deal with it in our own way, publicly or privately. But on this anniversary, we’re caught in a confluence of events that expose our collective raw nerves.

Welcome to the Club of Ancient Wrongs

Michael Cook | 20 August 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: Ground Zero, Islam, New York
The mosque in Manhattan should be moved further away from Ground Zero, but not because of enmity toward Islam.

Hold fast to what is good

Cardinal George Pell | 11 June 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: Catholic Church, interviews, Islam, sex-abuse crisis
One of the most prominent Catholic voices in the English-speaking world on the sex-abuse crisis, Islam, and the future of Christianity in an exclusive MercatorNet interview. 

Can the Middle East’s Christian exodus be stopped?

William Shomali | 02 June 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: Christianity, Islam, Middle East, religious freedom, tolerance
Christians need to see their presence in the region as a vocation and not as their fate, says a Catholic bishop.

Is just a little bit of female genital mutilation OK?

Michael Cook | 21 May 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: female genital mutilation, Islam
American bioethicists wrestle with an inflammatory issue.

Africa: religious fault-line?

Martyn Drakard | 23 April 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: Africa, Christianity, Islam
Sub-Saharan Africa is volatile, but that is by no means all down to religious tensions.

Bloodbath or bad blood?

Nwachukwu Egbunike | 15 March 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: clash of civilizations, Islam, Nigeria
Terrifying massacres in Nigeria are not a sign of a clash between the Christian and Muslim worlds.

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