Why happily married women need to talk about sex

Helen M. Alvaré | 06 April 2017 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: Marriage, marriage, parenthood, sexuality

Whom should you love more: your spouse or your kids?

Tamara El-Rahi | 03 April 2017 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: family values, marriage, Marriage, parenting, Parenting, relationships

Marriage linked to income increase

Nicole M. King | 02 October 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: income, Marriage

The rules of engagement

Tamara El-Rahi | 30 August 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: engagement, Marriage, relationships

Before ‘I do’: how the new relationship script can affect marital happiness

Carolyn Moynihan | 21 August 2014 | FEATURES |  
tags: cohabitation, Marriage, weddings
And how a big wedding can give your marriage a real boost.

Husbands or birth control: which pulls women out of poverty?

Nicole M. King | 06 August 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: Marriage, poverty

Obamacare’s hidden marriage penalty

Nicole M. King | 23 May 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: healthcare, Marriage, Obamacare

Do we even need marriage anymore?

Nicole M. King | 13 May 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: cohabitation, happiness, Marriage

Marriage is good for your lungs

Nicole M. King | 24 March 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: Marriage, National Kick Butts Day, smoking

Save up to marry or marry to save up?

Peter Jon Mitchell | 22 January 2014 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: financial benefits, Marriage

Middle-aged marriages

Tamara El-Rahi | 02 December 2013 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: Marriage, money

81 years married and loving it

Tamara El-Rahi | 28 November 2013 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: Marriage, relationships

Norway rethinks its acceptance of divorce

Nicole M. King | 06 November 2013 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: divorce, Marriage, Norway

Divorce is bad for your health

Nicole M. King | 07 October 2013 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: divorce, health, Marriage
Divorced adults have an increased risk of early mortality compared to their married counterparts.

Are married or cohabiting couples happier?

Nicole M. King | 30 September 2013 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: cohabitation, Marriage
Married men and women enjoy better subjective well-being than do their cohabiting peers.

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