Is killing the disabled ‘eugenics’, or just enhancing society?

Michael Cook | 29 July 2019 | FEATURES |  
tags: Down syndrome, eugenics

Yes, abortion is historically linked to eugenics

Christopher M. Reilly | 28 June 2019 | FEATURES |  
tags: abortion, Clarence Thomas, eugenics

SCOTUS judge links abortion and eugenics

Clarence Thomas | 30 May 2019 | FEATURES |  
tags: abortion, Clarence Thomas, eugenics, Margaret Sanger, SCOTUS

The progressive ideas that fuelled America’s eugenics movement

Bradley Thomas | 11 March 2019 | FEATURES |  
tags: common good, eugenics, progressivism

Call the abortionist: the BBC rewrites history

Ann Farmer | 16 January 2019 | FEATURES |  
tags: abortion, BBC, eugenics

American eugenics is targeting Down syndrome kids

Christopher M. Reilly | 13 November 2018 | FEATURES |  
tags: Down syndrome, eugenics, United States

Marie Stopes: From ‘Married Love’ to unmarried sex

Carolyn Moynihan | 04 May 2018 | FEATURES |  
tags: abortion, anniversaries, birth control, eugenics

One small step for medicine, one giant leap for eugenics

David Albert Jones | 09 August 2017 | FEATURES |  
tags: eugenics, human embryos, stem cell research

One very good reason why Americans distrust scientists

Michael Cook | 22 February 2017 | FEATURES |  
tags: eugenics, science, science policy, United States
Because they have opened a door to legalising eugenics

“People have to start thinking out eugenics in a different way”

Philippa Taylor | 07 April 2016 | FEATURES |  
tags: bioethics, eugenics, Francis Crick, HFEA, United Kingdom
Why is a high profile, massively funded, European 'superlab' named after Francis Crick?

Margaret Sanger’s Eugenics Heyday in the Federal Government

Susan T. Muskett | 12 February 2016 | FEATURES |  
tags: contraceptives, eugenics, Margaret Sanger
Her dream of controlling the fertility of the poor is coming to fruition.

Designing our descendants: Brave New Britain takes the lead again

Philippa Taylor | 27 January 2016 | FEATURES |  
tags: Crispr, eugenics, genetic engineering, United Kingdom
British scientists want to alter the human germline with the new CRISPR technology.

Designing our descendants

Margaret Somerville | 08 January 2016 | FEATURES |  
tags: bioethics, eugenics, genetic engineering, IVF
Assisted human reproduction technology is growing ever more controversial.

The last psychopath: using the brain to root out disorder

Silvia Camporesi | 06 November 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: eugenics, genetic screening, science fiction
A new play explores the future of genetic screening.

The new ethical frontier: DIY eugenics

Michael Cook | 21 May 2015 | FEATURES |  
tags: bioethics, Crispr, eugenics, IVF
A disruptive technology promises both medical advances and moral controversy.

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