human dignity

When animals count more than people

Michael Cook | 11 June 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: animal rights, Australia, human dignity
Treat animals with kindness, by all means. But don't forget about people.

Is it right to rejoice in the death of Osama?

Katie Hinderer | 09 May 2011 | TIGER PRINT |
tags: human dignity, Osama bin Laden, United States, war

The global village priest

Sheila Liaugminas | 01 May 2011 | SHEILA REPORTS |  
tags: beatification, Communist regime, human dignity, John Paul II, Poland
From the moment he passed away, he was called John Paul the Great. Now, he can be called Blessed John Paul II. Which is acknowledging what he was.

Warriors in pink

Pedro Dutour | 11 March 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: human dignity, Mexico, migration
From south of the border come stories of selfless courage and compassion.

Has the age of computer overlords begun?

Robert Moniot | 23 February 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: computing, human dignity
An IBM computer has thrashed two human champions in the quiz show Jeopardy! Is it game over for humanity?

This crucial moment in Egypt

Sheila Liaugminas | 12 February 2011 | SHEILA REPORTS |  
tags: Angela Merkel, Egypt, human dignity, Jose Maria Aznar, Mideast peace
The cross-section of different…and wildly different…views on the Egyptian revolution coming in from around the world boggles the mind. But then, the revolution flummoxed the world.

Names and the value of a human person

Uchenna Uzo | 25 January 2011 | FEATURES |  
tags: Africa, children, human dignity, names
Western nations may have much to learn from naming traditions in Africa

Tiger Mom parenting

Mariette Ulrich | 21 January 2011 | FAMILY EDGE |  
tags: human dignity, motherhood, parenting
With the feverish discussion going on over at the Wall Street Journal about the parenting style of “Chinese mother” Amy Chua (nearly 7,000 comments, last time I checked), I’m not sure why I felt the need to toss in my two cents—perhaps I felt ‘called out’ to defend my own style of parenting.

Grieving Parents Act

Sheila Liaugminas | 19 January 2011 | SHEILA REPORTS |  
tags: Bobby's Law, Grieving Parents Act, human dignity, miscarriage, West Virginia legislators
When a pregnant woman goes to the doctor, he is treating two patients. When he aborts one, it’s called ‘the product of conception’ or ‘fetal tissue’. When miscarriage ends the life of the child….what to say on the records may depend on which state they’re in.

If King were alive today

Sheila Liaugminas | 18 January 2011 | SHEILA REPORTS |  
tags: civil rights movement, Dr. Martin Luther King, human dignity, natural law
Dr. Martin Luther King lives on in his legacy. There are many voices speaking for what that means today.

Heroine of human dignity: Mildred Fay Jefferson

Rebekah Hebbert | 13 December 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: abortion, heroes, human dignity, medicine
The first black woman to graduate from Harvard medical school used her position to defend the humanity of the unborn.

Obama’s empathy problem

Zac Alstin | 18 November 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: Barack Obama, empathy, human dignity
How could the US President have failed to exhibit the quality at the heart of his moral code?

Chevalier in the fight for human dignity

Michael Cook | 02 November 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: euthanasia, France, human dignity, locked-in syndrome
France has just given its highest dignity to a courageous woman who battled locked-in syndrome and quadriplegia to fight for the disabled. 

What one man can do

Liu Xiaobo | 12 October 2010 | FEATURES |  
tags: China, human dignity, Liu Xiaobo, Nobel Peace Prize
"Our high regard for dignity is the natural source of our sense of justice," says the latest Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

The new orthodoxy of “knowledge professionals”

Sheila Liaugminas | 04 October 2010 | SHEILA REPORTS |  
tags: Catholic Church, Catholic teaching, human dignity, religion reporters
The Religion Newswriters Association held their annual meeting recently. Their keynote speaker challenged them: be honest.

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