Heroic Girls

Fans clamor for new series
Jane Fagan | Jan 16 2017 | comment  
This book is amazing on a number of levels.

Newspaper tycoon seeks to influence election
Jennifer Minicus | Oct 31 2016 | comment  
His twelve-year-old maid is on to him!

Beauty is only skin deep
Jennifer Minicus | Aug 22 2016 | comment  
Character trumps looks in this charming fairy tale.

Courageous teen brings peace to country in turmoil
Jennifer Minicus | Jul 28 2016 | comment  
The first in an amusing adventure series.

Growing Up: being Southern Black in the 1930’s
Susan Reibel Moore | Apr 27 2016 | comment  
9-year-old Cassie Logan is one of literature's most endearing heroines.

Do children still read Anne Frank?
Jocelyne Freundorfer | Dec 2 2015 | comment  
21st century students react to this well-known story.

A determined young patriot saves West Point
Jennifer Minicus | May 22 2015 | comment  
Sophia's patriotism is put to the test.

Children defend the sanctity of human life
Tim Golden | May 15 2015 | comment  
Two teens protect a child from being used as a pawn in wartime.

Kidnapped by slave traders
Jennifer Minicus | Mar 9 2015 | comment  
A ninth century Irish princess is taken by Russian sailors.

True confessions
Jennifer Minicus | Mar 2 2015 | comment  
Thirteen-year-old girl turns mutineer.

The boy who never grew up
Jennifer Minicus | Jul 7 2014 | comment  
How did Peter get to Neverland?

A must-read for young and not-so-young adults
Jennifer Minicus | Jun 10 2014 | comment  
Nazi Germany seen from an original perspective.

The “weaker sex”?
Jennifer Minicus | Apr 8 2014 | comment  
Abbie Deal discovers the adventure hidden in ordinary life.

Royal family disappears
Jennifer Minicus | Feb 1 2014 | comment  
Only a magical castle can find them.

The legacy of a great author
Jane Fagan | Jul 24 2013 | comment  
A wonderful message for children and adults alike.

A book that builds character
Kathleen Pacious | Jul 21 2013 | comment  
A well-told, gentle and beautiful story that traces growth to maturity.

Hope lends beauty to even the bleakest tale
Clare Cannon | May 10 2013 | comment  
This remarkable story teaches history, humanity and hope. Why did I avoid it for so long?!

In Defence of Fantasy
Clare Cannon | Apr 26 2013 | comment  
Many people tell me they don't have time for fantasy. They prefer to keep their mind in the 'real world'.

Historical Fiction for Teens
Clare Cannon | Apr 9 2013 | comment  
A series that puts heart into history.

Jennifer Minicus | Apr 8 2013 | comment  
A story from the Civil War.

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