Science Fiction

Interplanetary travel sparks galactic conflict
Jennifer Minicus | Aug 8 2016 | comment  
Can a person have two bodies?

Young girl narrowly escapes kidnapping
Jennifer Minicus | Jul 7 2016 | comment  
Lottie and Kitty have always believed in time travel.

Life is nothing but a board game
Tim Golden | Jun 24 2015 | comment  
A cross between science fiction and fantasy.

Scientists discover that aliens cause climate change
Jennifer Minicus | Jun 2 2015 | comment  
Government and big business are behind the cover-up.

Boy travels through time to find parents
Tim Golden | Apr 27 2015 | comment  
Inoffensive but uninspiring.

The origin of the universe
Jennifer Minicus | Sep 24 2014 | comment  
Bernie has always wanted to create his own universe.

Teen romance turns science fiction thriller
Jennifer Minicus | Sep 5 2014 | comment  
Anna isn't who she thinks she is.

The downside to cloning
Tim Golden | Aug 4 2014 | comment  
A future society after a natural apocalypse

Mysterious virus kills millions
Jennifer Minicus | Mar 17 2014 | comment  
It's the end of the world as we know it.

Alien spaceship lands in Utah
Jennifer Minicus | Mar 3 2014 | comment  
Captain Marion comes to Earth armed with a code of conduct.

Award winning author churns out one that lacks passion
Jane Fagan | Feb 14 2014 | comment  
I expect more from a Carnegie/Newbery winner.

Popular sci fi novel hits the big screen in November
Jennifer Minicus | Sep 27 2013 | comment  
Read the book before heading to theaters.

IVF makes superheroes possible
Clare Cannon | Jul 16 2013 | comment  
Forget magic; IVF blends fantasy with reality in today's superhero tales.

The Sterkarm Handshake
Tim Golden | Jan 20 2013 | comment  
The Time Tube allows people from the 21st century to travel to the 16th.

The Icarus Project
Jennifer Minicus | Nov 20 2012 | comment  
Does scientific inquiry trump human rights?

The Shapeshifter Series
Tim Golden | Oct 6 2012 | comment  
A boy who can turn into a fox,

The Silver Sequence
Tim Golden | Sep 29 2012 | comment  
The first in a fantastical science fiction series.

The Prince Who Fell from the Sky
Jennifer Minicus | Aug 16 2012 | comment  
Planet of the Wolves?

Running Out of Time
Tim Golden | Jul 31 2012 | comment  
Jessie is the 13 year old daughter of a village midwife.

A Hero for WondLa
Jennifer Minicus | Jul 3 2012 | comment  
Mother Earth rescues Eva Nine in her next adventure.

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