Converting the miserabilists
Michael Cook | Dec 8 2016 | comment  
The fundamental question in confronting euthanasia is whether life is worth living

Making suicide easier – and no one takes notice
Paul Russell | Dec 17 2015 | comment  
Why aren't suicide prevention agencies denouncing Philip Nitschke?

Reality TV for toffs: The Economist and euthanasia
Michael Cook | Nov 17 2015 | comment  
Journalists need guidelines for covering euthanasia.

Governor Brown, do not sign the death warrant of unhappy people
Nancy Valko | Sep 25 2015 | comment  
My daughter was the victim of assisted suicide advocates.

All lives are worth saving
Paul Russell | Jul 16 2015 | comment  
Suicide prevention must include preventing all suicides.

A compassionate society prevents suicide; it doesn’t promote it
Paul Russell | Sep 11 2014 | comment  
How can we prevent suicide if we are also assisting it?

Death of Welsh academic shows why suicide is the ultimate taboo
Paul Russell | Jan 15 2014 | comment  
Why do advocates of euthanasia always insist that it is not really suicide?

Helium suicides rising after promotion on internet
Michael Cook | Mar 13 2011 | comment  
Helium inhalation promoted by internet suicide and euthanasia sites is becoming a significant factor in Australian suicides.

Is activists’ favourite suicide drug “torturous”?
Michael Cook | Nov 13 2010 | comment  
It is unlikely to derail activists, but the drug of choice for assisted suicide activists is being described as “untested, [and] potentially dangerous, and could well result in a torturous execution” of an Oklahoma man on death row.
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