Beer, Bibles and free speech in Australia
Neil Foster | Mar 19 2017 | comment  
The debate over same sex marriage in Australia has taken some odd turns, but this takes the biscuit

It is a big deal, actually
Michael Cook | Feb 28 2017 | comment  
Deconstructing a video promoting the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras

An outstanding resource for the fight for marriage
Campbell Markham | Sep 30 2016 | comment  
David van Gend's book has provoked outrage, but it is an eloquent defence of the weak and vulnerable

New Australian book on marriage hits censorship roadblock
Michael Cook | Sep 26 2016 | comment  
Why are gay marriage supporters afraid to debate?

The toxic fumes of democracy
Michael Cook | Sep 23 2016 | comment  
Heated debate and stable democracy go hand in hand, even with same-sex marriage

Bill’s bill
Michael Cook | Sep 13 2016 | comment  
Australia's leader of the Opposition is a fan of same-sex marriage. Can't he find better arguments?

7 reasons why Australia needs a plebiscite on same-sex marriage
Michael Cook | Aug 30 2016 | comment  
Democratic politics is all about debating controversial ideas

‘Inspirational’ transgender lives: what ever happened to healthy scepticism?
Michael Cook | Aug 17 2016 | comment  
The Australian media ought to be asking hardball questions about happy trans teens

Why can’t three get married?
Michael Cook | Mar 21 2016 | comment  
Why shouldn't a bizarre threesome in Western Australia have their chance to get married?

Creative accounting and Australia’s same-sex marriage plebiscite
Michael Cook | Mar 14 2016 | comment  
A leading accounting firm claims that it will cost half a billion dollars. This is sheer fantasy.

Australian Treasurer will fight same-sex marriage
Michelle Grattan | Mar 8 2016 | comment  
It appears that ministers in the government will be on both sides of the debate.

Don’t demonise
David Quinn | Feb 17 2016 | comment  
An Irish campaigner for the No side warns Australians to prepare for intimidation.

People with unwanted same-sex attraction should be free to choose
David van Gend | Feb 12 2016 | comment  
Desire to bring sexual impulses and behaviour into line with broader values should be respected, not shut down by ideologues

Swept under the carpet
Michael Cook | Sep 23 2015 | comment  
Pioneering research into same-sex parenting has been ignored.

Australian companies risk backlash by endorsing same-sex marriage
Constance Kong | Sep 22 2015 | comment  
How will their employees react?

Short, sharp and to the point
Michael Cook | Sep 3 2015 | comment  
A clash between two experienced debates on either side of the same-sex marriage debate.

Australian journalists given “fail” for balance on same-sex marriage
Michael Cook | Aug 20 2015 | comment  
Media analyst calls out his comrades

Australia presses pause button on same-sex marriage
Michael Cook | Aug 13 2015 | comment  
A referendum is possible, says Prime Minister Tony Abbott

How big media (do not) promote debate on gay marriage
Carolyn Moynihan | Aug 10 2015 | comment  
Two major Australian TV channels turn down a paid ad from family groups.

A media stampede on same-sex marriage can only harm society
Andrew Mullins | Jul 4 2015 | comment  
Australians should not be rushed into a decision.

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