Barack Obama

A note to Obama: don’t lecture Kenyans on gay rights
Mathew Otieno | Jul 29 2015 | comment  
The President has no right to exploit American power to gain support for his agenda.

Remember Florida 2000
Michael Kirke | Aug 15 2012 | comment  
While calling the action “very significant,” reporters were after the committee meeting that the top issue in the presidential campaign would be the economy, not same-sex marriage. Perhaps he would like to think so, but he should remember Florida in 2000. Who knows what issues were in the minds of the people who put the dimples in those critical chads which made Al Gore yesterday’s man?

A campaign becoming more crazy and intolerant by the day
Michael Kirke | Aug 11 2012 | comment  
It is not a little chilling to remember that a similar wave of ill-thought folly brought down upon America the biggest crime wave of the twentieth century with the passing of the Prohibition Act nearly 100 years ago. The destruction of marriage – and all the rest that the campaign of the gay lobby augurs for the welfare of the family and children – will be more devastating than even that short-lived folly. The damage will be much more difficult to undo.

More politically correct than electorally smart?
Michael Kirke | Jul 31 2012 | comment  
Relentless is the only word that can be used to describe the onslaught on the institution of marriage. But relentless does not mean victorious and nor does it make anything right that is wrong and wrong-headed.

Where does Nancy Pelosi get her religious-ethical beliefs?
Frances Kelly | May 14 2012 | comment  
Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic minority leader in the United States House of Representatives backs President Obama's endorsement of single-sex marriage and considers banning mono-gender marriage a "form of discrimination" and "unconstitutional."

Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly
Michael Kirke | May 12 2012 | comment  
No celebration for this lesbian, Lauren Taylor, tells us in yesterday’s Washington Post. She makes some good points in her response to President Obama’s jump off the fence earlier this week – but she still misses the truth at the heart of this debate. Like her we all “love the idea of commitment, of getting community and family support for a relationship, and of the accountability to that community and family.” The institution of marriage as we have known it for millennia is about far more than that.

Will common sense pip sentimentality at the post in the marriage stakes?
Michael Kirke | May 11 2012 | comment  
Has the intensification of the debate over marriage affected a slowdown in what looked like an inexorable climb in support for the gay lobby’s cause in the United States? A reading of the detailed breakdown of the Pew Research Centre’s feedback on public opinion on the topic there might suggest something like this.

Are Obama and Cameron playing with electoral fire?
Michael Kirke | May 10 2012 | comment  
As was widely anticipated, President Obama’s “evolution” on the marriage question has now reached its final resting place in the gay lobby camp. But the political consequences are not so clear and the electoral rout which the other convert to the redefinition of marriage cause, Britain’s David Cameron, experienced at the polls last week might be worrying him. But really, given his imprisonment – not necessarily an unwilling confinement – by the ultra liberal caucus, he had little choice as to which side of the fence he was ultimately going to choose.

Biden puts the writing on the wall
Michael Kirke | May 9 2012 | comment  
US Vice-President Joe Biden may be comfortable with gay marriage but he should be very uncomfortable about the disingenuousness of his performance on NBC’s Meet the Press on Sunday night. When asked about where President Obama was now in the evolution of his view on the subject Mr. Biden pleaded ignorance when it must be clear to all but the most naive that he could only be a stalking horse for the President on this issue.
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