A British Muslim pushes for polygamy after same-sex marriage
Michael Cook | May 16 2016 | comment  
Some women feel empowered so why not support them, a lawyer asks

The Archbishop of Canterbury discovers his real father
Michael Cook | Apr 11 2016 | comment  
Shattering news about his paternity show how important biological roots are for all of us

Public life after same-sex marriage: United Kingdom
Kathy Gyngell | Jul 10 2015 | comment  
There is a trend you could call legally endorsed bullying.

Celebrate me—or else
Peter Saunders | May 11 2015 | comment  
There are more and more reports of people being censured for supporting natural marriage.

British childcare worker case tests freedom of expression
Carolyn Moynihan | Mar 20 2015 | comment  
A recent EU declaration supports claims of discrimination against Christians.

No rush to the registry office by UK same-sex couples
Carolyn Moynihan | Aug 27 2014 | comment  
Official figures show a modest take-up of the "marriage" option.

What is next on Cameron’s gay rights agenda?
Blaise Joseph | Jul 28 2013 | comment  
Now that the UK Prime Minister has had his way on redefining marriage, he has more plans on marriage and family.

A British Labour MP explains the case against same-sex marriage
Tom O'Gorman | Feb 14 2013 | comment  
Why would 22 British Labour MPs vote against same-sex marriage? Scottish Labour MP Jim Dobbin explained why in one of the best speeches of the night.

10 reasons not to redefine marriage
Michael Cook | Oct 21 2012 | comment  
Here's an excellent resource. The Coalition for Marriage, a UK group that supports traditional marriage and opposes any plans to redefine it, has released "10 reasons why the government is wrong to redefine marriage".

Could British teachers be sacked for opposing gay marriage? Probably, says QC
Michael Cook | Sep 11 2012 | comment  
Teachers and chaplains who openly oppose the UK's Government's redefinition of marriage face being disciplined, or sacked for their views if the law is changed, warns a top legal expert. The detailed legal opinion from Aidan O'Neill, a senior QC and a supporter of gay rights, concludes that legalising gay marriage will affect the lives of millions of ordinary people.

The Guardian’s distortions of Christian views
Peter Saunders | Mar 16 2012 | comment  
Peter Saunders refutes The Guardian's inaccurate, distorted and false editorial endorsing same-sex marriage from a Christian standpoint.

Briefing paper says same-sex marriage will harm future generations
Michael Cook | Mar 8 2012 | comment  
Seven out of 10 British people believe that marriage should continue to be defined as a lifelong union of a man and a woman, and more than eight out of ten believe that children have the best chance in life if raised by their biological parents. The results, revealed by a ComRes online poll of more than 2,000 people, come on the eve of the Government consulting on opening marriage to same-sex couples. The consultation is due to be published on Thursday next week.

Nasty no more
Carolyn Moynihan | Feb 27 2012 | comment  
British Conservative MP David Burrowes suggests David Cameron's support of ‘gay marriage’ is part of his decontamination strategy to show that Conservatives are a ‘modern party’ – socially liberal, ‘with it’ and cool.

British PM in undemocratic push for gay marriage
Peter Saunders | Feb 22 2012 | comment  
David Cameron was accused yesterday of planning an ‘Orwellian’ act of ‘cultural vandalism’ by an alliance of bishops, Tory MPs and legal figures yesterday over his plans to allow homosexual couples to marry. The ‘Coalition for Marriage’, a new grass-roots campaign, is seeking hundreds of thousands of signatures on a petition to maintain the current definition of marriage.
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