The British report which launched gay rights
Michael Cook | Jan 31 2017 | comment  
The 1957 Wolfenden report changed the UK for ever.

It’s about children’s rights, not sexual orientation
Margaret Somerville | Sep 28 2016 | comment  
Let’s clarify the issues in the same-sex marriage debate

The new religion of transgenderism in Australian schools
Michael Cook | Sep 19 2016 | comment  
Australia's Safe Schools program is so bizarre and fact-free that you can describe it as a cult, says an academic

Let’s have a SCIENCE-based debate about LGBT issues
Michael Cook | Aug 22 2016 | comment  
A landmark report from the US questions cliched views of homosexuality and transgenderism

Homosexuality, Marriage and Society
Andrew Mullins | Jun 27 2016 | comment  
An Australian rabbi looks at contentious issues through the lens of a universal ethics.

Why governments shouldn’t ban ‘reparative therapy’
Walt Heyer | Apr 15 2016 | comment  
People who choose to not embrace their same-sex attraction should be afforded the same rights as those who do

People with unwanted same-sex attraction should be free to choose
David van Gend | Feb 12 2016 | comment  
Desire to bring sexual impulses and behaviour into line with broader values should be respected, not shut down by ideologues

Gross? Parents might think so
Michael Cook | Dec 4 2015 | comment  
Why is taxpayers' money being used to demean heterosexuality in schools?

Free speech gets a hammering in Tasmania
Michael Cook | Nov 20 2015 | comment  
The Catholic archbishop has been hauled before a tribunal for "insulting" homosexuals in a booklet on same-sex marriage.

Behind Kenya’s harsh penal code
Michael Cook | Jul 30 2015 | comment  
The penal code sounds harsh. What is the reality?

In ten to thirty years, the survivors will speak out
Michael Kirke | Jul 30 2015 | comment  
The Boy Scouts will regret opening doors to openly gay leaders and employees.

Atlanta’s sacked fire chief: ‘I want my job back’
Carolyn Moynihan | Jul 7 2015 | comment  
Americans should not have to choose between keeping their job and living out their faith.

How LGBT-friendly laws could change medicine
Michael Cook | Jun 18 2015 | comment  
No more scepticism, please. That's an order.

Hotel Homosexuality: yes, you can check out, and leave
Christopher Doyle | Jun 17 2015 | comment  
But ex-gays have to fight for professional help and recognition.

The mysterious case of the missing morality
Robert R. Reilly | Jun 12 2015 | comment  
Opponents of same-sex marriage fear to boldly assert that homosexual acts are sterile and immoral.

Sacked Christian nursery worker wins discrimination case
Carolyn Moynihan | Jun 9 2015 | comment  
Complaint by lesbian colleague led to unfair treatment, says UK tribunal.

Gay study a “mountain of fabrication”
Michael Cook | May 22 2015 | comment  
A research scandal should ring warning bells.

British childcare worker case tests freedom of expression
Carolyn Moynihan | Mar 20 2015 | comment  
A recent EU declaration supports claims of discrimination against Christians.

I am Kelvin Cochran
Carolyn Moynihan | Jan 12 2015 | comment  
Who's that? Oh, just another American who lost his job for expressing his beliefs.

Why do we wildly over-estimate the proportion of gays and lesbians?
Michael Cook | Dec 3 2014 | comment  
Good public policy should be based on facts, not ideology

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