Why Penelope waited for Odysseus
Anthony McCarthy | Aug 25 2016 | comment  
Ancient pagans knew a thing or two about ethical sex, says the author of a new book.

What is next on Cameron’s gay rights agenda?
Blaise Joseph | Jul 28 2013 | comment  
Now that the UK Prime Minister has had his way on redefining marriage, he has more plans on marriage and family.

What do Australians really think about same-sex marriage?
Blaise Joseph | Jul 15 2013 | comment  
The Australian same-sex marriage lobby is triumphant about the results of a new poll. But what did the research actually show?

All quiet on the Aussie front
Blaise Joseph | Jul 10 2013 | comment  
What has happened to the same-sex marriage debate in Australia lately?

What next for marriage in the US?
Blaise Joseph | Jul 3 2013 | comment  
The great debate over marriage still has a long way to go.

Fewer marriages, fewer fathers
Blaise Joseph | Jun 16 2013 | comment  
Fathers matter, and marriage is the one institution that binds men to their children.

Australian defender of marriage passes away
Blaise Joseph | Jun 10 2013 | comment  
Christopher Pearson, a columnist for The Australian, speechwriter, and strong defender of traditional marriage, passed away on Friday.

The top marriage myths debunked
Blaise Joseph | Jun 4 2013 | comment  
An American marriage and family academic is making the case that marriage is still a social good.

French marriage activists vow to fight on
Blaise Joseph | May 23 2013 | comment  
Following the redefinition of marriage in France, MercatorNet interviewed young French marriage activist Maxime Lagorce.

For the sake of future generations
Blaise Joseph | May 22 2013 | comment  
Two young Americans explain why traditional marriage must be preserved for the sake of future generations.

Defending traditional marriage
Blaise Joseph | May 19 2013 | comment  
A forum on marriage at the World Congress of Families provided a strong defence of marriage.

World Congress of Families starts in Sydney this week
Blaise Joseph | May 16 2013 | comment  
The vital public issue of marriage will be front and centre at the World Congress of Families in Sydney.

The case against no-fault divorce
Blaise Joseph | May 9 2013 | comment  
A convincing feminist, pro-father, and pro-child argument against no-fault divorce.

Marriage on the road to nowhere - or worse?
Frances Kelly | Aug 5 2012 | comment  
Pro-gender advocates believe gender-integration is crucial to marriage, the bedrock of culture. This allows children to grow up with both a mother and a father. They believe it makes more sense to base marriage law on gender, which is biological and immutable, rather than sexual orientation, which is fluid and subjective. In contrast, the born-this-way believers have elevated sexual orientation to such an extent that it has become more important than sexual gender.

Will common sense pip sentimentality at the post in the marriage stakes?
Michael Kirke | May 11 2012 | comment  
Has the intensification of the debate over marriage affected a slowdown in what looked like an inexorable climb in support for the gay lobby’s cause in the United States? A reading of the detailed breakdown of the Pew Research Centre’s feedback on public opinion on the topic there might suggest something like this.

Call for a united front across faiths to defend marriage
Michael Kirke | Apr 28 2012 | comment  
A suggestion that there might be a more formal and concerted effort by all faith communities in Britain to defend marriage has been made by the representative of the Pope to England, Scotland an Wales. The Daily Telegraph reports today that Archbishop Antonio Mennini, the Apostolic Nuncio, called for closer co-operation with other faiths as well as Christian denominations to put pressure on the Government over its plans to allow same-sex couples to marry.

At risk: the right of a child to both a mother and a father
Michael Kirke | Apr 23 2012 | comment  
Intellectual dishonesty and shallowness in the arguments for bringing gay civil unions within the legal definition of marriage were laid bare by a gay opinion-writer in Dublin’s Irish Times last week.

Closer and closer to chaos
Michael Kirke | Mar 8 2012 | comment  
What those who value the traditional married state perhaps fear most is that in the unravelling of traditional units, in the blending of disparate families, in the separation of procreation from the linear narratives captured in multi-generational family trees, we grow closer to a chaotic state where our connections weaken and where the common good is not ultimately served.
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