Same-sex Parenting

British adoption case to be reviewed
Carolyn Moynihan | Nov 21 2016 | comment  
The social worker's initial rejection of the foster parents was 'wrong'.

‘Mum and dad’ views disqualify foster couple for adoption
Christian Concern | Nov 14 2016 | comment  
Told the children were destined for a gay couple, their reaction was ‘concerning’.

Aren’t four legal parents too much of a good thing?
Andrea Mrozek | Oct 27 2016 | comment  
Ontario deletes 'mother' and 'father' from its proposed multi-parent law.

Is there really no difference between straight and gay parenting?
Michael Cook | Sep 20 2016 | comment  
The consensus is flawed by small-scale studies, badly framed questions and poorly understood data

Are the kids all right? Ask them when they are adults
Carolyn Moynihan | Jul 4 2016 | comment  
A new study finds half of adults raised in same-sex households depressed.

A sad tale of dodgy statistics
Michael Cook | Jun 6 2016 | comment  
How was same-sex marriage accepted so quickly? In part, by telling some fibs.

Swept under the carpet
Michael Cook | Sep 23 2015 | comment  
Pioneering research into same-sex parenting has been ignored.

Highly publicised but tragically flawed
Andrew Mullins | Sep 9 2015 | comment  
Another study falsely claims that there is an ‘overwhelming consensus’ on same-sex parenting.

Fact-checking the fact-checkers
Paul Sullins | Aug 28 2015 | comment  
Do children do best when they have a father and a mother? The Conversation says No. An American expert says Yes.

Australia presses pause button on same-sex marriage
Michael Cook | Aug 13 2015 | comment  
A referendum is possible, says Prime Minister Tony Abbott

Is marriage evolving? Or being dismantled?
Anthony Fisher | Jul 28 2015 | comment  
Are sceptics of redefining marriage really on the wrong side of history?

MercatorNet contributor targeted by activists
Michael Cook | Jun 2 2015 | comment  
David van Gend's surgery in Toowoomba was vandalised over his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Same-sex parenting studies: the re-analysis scoreboard
Carolyn Moynihan | May 22 2015 | comment  
Then there's the four top “no difference” studies based on corrupt data...

From friends of the Court: Does marriage have a public purpose?
Jennifer Roback Morse | Apr 22 2015 | comment  
A terrific explanation of how marriage attaches a man and a woman to their children.

In ‘Modern Families’ mother and father are no longer necessary
Philippa Taylor | Apr 14 2015 | comment  
A new British book challenges conventional notions of family structure.

Who will apologise to the ‘Motherless Generation’?
David van Gend | Mar 30 2015 | comment  
And why did a TV network refuse to run this innocuous advertisement?

A gay dispute over same-sex parenting
Carolyn Moynihan | Mar 17 2015 | comment  
Gay Italian fashion label duo are the latest critics of gay parenting.

Mum and dad adoption preferred, Irish poll shows
David Quinn | Feb 24 2015 | comment  
But new legislation in Ireland puts single and same-sex parenting on the same level.

Are the kids really all right?
Michael Cook | Oct 7 2014 | comment  
Proof there is "no difference" between same-sex and conventional parenting is a long way off, despite what judges say.

A deeply amoral defence of same-sex marriage
Michael Cook | Sep 10 2014 | comment  
Arguments used by Richard Posner, one of America's most famous jurists, could be turned on democracy itself.

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