Is 115 the longest life we can hope for?
Marcus Roberts | Oct 21 2016 | comment  
Demographers think we've hit the old age "plateau".

How to pay for an ageing Japan?
Marcus Roberts | Sep 18 2014 | comment  
Are current social security policies affordable?

Big News! Our #2 is on the way!
Marcus Roberts | Jul 8 2014 | comment  
And some information on your life expectancy!

32 years old and socially dead?
Marcus Roberts | Sep 5 2013 | comment  
Apparently we turn into our parents at the age of 32.

UN: The World is Ageing
Marcus Roberts | Oct 10 2012 | comment  
The world is ageing according to the UN. And we must "do something".

The Business of Ageing
Marcus Roberts | Aug 22 2012 | comment  
Ageing in Asia is an opportunity for savvy business types.

The Future of Two Economic Powerhouses
Marcus Roberts | Jul 8 2011 | comment  
Worrying signs for the future of Germany and China.

World Report on Disabilities
Marcus Roberts | Jun 10 2011 | comment  
The World Bank and the World Health Organisation have released a “World Report on Disability”.

The Business of Ageing
Marcus Roberts | Jun 1 2011 | comment  
The New Zealand Ministry of Social Development as released a report seeking to keep older people in work for longer.

UN and Ageing
Marcus Roberts | May 28 2011 | comment  
The UN World Population Ageing 2009 Document.

Youth are no Longer the Future
Marcus Roberts | May 13 2011 | comment  
Statistics in NZ and the US show how these populations are ageing.

China Wrestles with the Effects of the One-Child Policy
Marcus Roberts | Apr 20 2011 | comment  
There is further pressure on the Chinese Government to modify or even abandon its one-child policy as resulting economic and social problems are becoming more evident.

Growing old in Asia
Marcus Roberts | Apr 6 2011 | comment  
It seems that the issue of population ageing and decline is getting more and more media coverage.

Britain unprepared for looming population crisis
William West | Oct 2 2009 | comment  
The latest figures on Britain's ageing population confirm that not enough is being done to prepare for the crisis.

The Economist’s survey of global ageing
Michael Cook | Jul 2 2009 | comment  
If you want a short, sharp introduction to the topic of global ageing, the latest issue of The Economist is just the ticket. It covers the demography and economics of ageing (in the developed world) and concludes that "the consequences will be scary". Finally the message is beginning to sink in.

Glamour girls come down to earth
Michael Cook | Jun 23 2009 | comment  
Being a flight attendant was the glamour job back in the 60s and 70s. But haven’t you noticed that they’re getting older and older? A study from the Population Reference Bureau shows that this impression is not wrong. In fact, the age profile of American flight attendants has changed dramatically since 1980.

Bleaker House
Michael Cook | Apr 8 2009 | comment  

Do I detect a new genre of film and novel emerging about below-replacement fertility? The first that came to my attention was Alfonso Cuarón's bleak film Children of Men. This was set in the UK in 2027, when global fertility has mysteriously dropped to 0.00. P.D. James's novel with the same title, upon which the film is based, is, if anything, bleaker still. Now I see that Booker Prize winner Anita Brookner has published a new novel, Strangers, about a retired bank manager who has no wife, no children and no relatives.

Japan’s demographic collapse
Michael Cook | Mar 31 2009 | comment  
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