Birth Rates

Turks in Europe should have five children
Marcus Roberts | Mar 27 2017 | comment  
All part of the war of words between Turkey and the EU?

French fertility declining, but still highest in the EU
Marcus Roberts | Mar 24 2017 | comment  
France's population could outstrip Germany's in time.

The answer to Germany’s demographic issues?
Marcus Roberts | Mar 21 2017 | comment  
More flexible work conditions.

How to get Chinese families to have more children?
Marcus Roberts | Mar 16 2017 | comment  
Moving to a two-child policy doesn't seem to be enough.

Spain’s bizarre appointment
Marcus Roberts | Mar 9 2017 | comment  
Has it really got that bad?

Childlessness is growing in Europe
Marcus Roberts | Feb 13 2017 | comment  
But it's still lower than it once was.

Large-scale immigration cure for Europe’s demographic “disaster”?
Marcus Roberts | Sep 2 2015 | comment  
If it is, at what cost?

The joys of parenting
Shannon Roberts | Aug 24 2015 | comment  
Does parenthood really make a person more unhappy than divorce, unemployment or the death of a partner?

What can governments do to increase birthrates?
Marcus Roberts | Jul 29 2015 | comment  
Pay parents? Subsidise childcare? Longer maternity leave?

A fascinating map of an ageing world
Shannon Roberts | Jun 15 2014 | comment  
The proportion of the world that is over 65 will increase dramatically by 2100.

Ukraine suffering population decline
Marcus Roberts | Jul 22 2013 | comment  
Let's add Ukraine to the list of European countries in population decline.

German Cardinal Thinks Women Should be Mothers: Cue Hissing
Marcus Roberts | May 27 2013 | comment  
Cardinal Meisner wants the German Government to encourage women to have babies. How old skool.

Spain is Shrinking
Marcus Roberts | May 2 2013 | comment  
Spain's population has declined in 2012. Is this the start of a longterm trend?

Population will stabilise by 2050 According to Physics
Marcus Roberts | Apr 10 2013 | comment  
Researchers in Madrid are predicting that the planet's population will stop growing by 2050.

Something is Unbegotten in the State of Denmark
Marcus Roberts | Apr 3 2013 | comment  
Danish researchers are desperate for their country's birthrate to increase.

Japanese politician suggests banning abortion to increase birthrates
Shannon Roberts | Mar 1 2013 | comment  
It is common knowledge that Japan is in more economic trouble than most as a result of its low birth rate, and it seems that Japanese politicians are taking the situation increasingly seriously. One Japanese politician has come up with a fairly commonsensible plan to increase the country’s ailing birth rate – ban abortions.

Singapore’s rocky search for more migrants
Marcus Roberts | Feb 22 2013 | comment  
Singapore's government is facing dissent over its plans to bring in more migrants to make up for a low birth rate.

An Asian population spike
Shannon Roberts | Jan 21 2013 | comment  
In Taiwan, between January and September 2012, births were up 14.5 percent versus the same period in 2011. Vietnam saw an additional 61,375 babies born in the first five months of 2012—a spike of 13.5 percent from the previous year. Similar statistics are not yet available for China, but a dip in the birthrate in 2011—a mere rabbit year—suggests that couples may have been postponing procreation, says the University of North Carolina demographer Cai Yong (whose own dragon baby was born last February).

Decline in Child Rearing – “Late-Modern Exhaustion”
Marcus Roberts | Dec 7 2012 | comment  
An excellent opinion piece from Ross Douthat from NYTimes.

Why is Everyone Leaving Detroit?
Marcus Roberts | Sep 25 2012 | comment  
Detroit's population continues to decline, as the US economy and birth rate continues to fall.

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