Russia’s demographic good news
Marcus Roberts | May 6 2016 | comment  
But can the figures be trusted?

Russians are becoming more family-oriented
Shannon Roberts | Feb 9 2016 | comment  
It's a political priority.

Russia’s unmotivated elderly
Marcus Roberts | Sep 4 2015 | comment  
Is this contributing to Russia's sluggish life expectancy growth?

Russian demography deteriorates
Shannon Roberts | Apr 7 2015 | comment  
More military spending means fewer births.

An answer for low Russian birthrates?
Marcus Roberts | Feb 9 2015 | comment  
One solution is to stop killing babies in the womb says Patriarch Kirill.

Is there a Russian demographic revival?
Marcus Roberts | Oct 3 2014 | comment  
Two demographers fundamentally disagree...and they aren't holding back

What you can tell about a country’s future by looking at its gender balance
Prabir Bhattacharya | Aug 29 2014 | comment  
In India and China, the problem is missing girls. In Russia it is the missing men.

Russian emigration soars
Marcus Roberts | Jul 26 2014 | comment  
Is the Russian middle-class abandoning ship?

Russia: Growing and More Assertive
Marcus Roberts | Apr 14 2014 | comment  
Russia's bleak demographic collapse has reversed over the last five years or so.

After Crimea: is ethnicity the new World Order?
Marcus Roberts | Mar 24 2014 | comment  
Protecting fellow Russians? What about fellow Chinese?

Ukraine: another problem for the beleaguered nation
Marcus Roberts | Mar 4 2014 | comment  
Aside from Russia, Ukraine has to worry about its demographic outlook.

Asian fertility video
Marcus Roberts | Nov 21 2013 | comment  
An informative video showing the steep decline in the fertility rate in Asia.

Migrants in Russia: a love-hate relationship
Marcus Roberts | Nov 8 2013 | comment  
The Russian economy needs migrant workers, but some of its citizens aren't so sure.

The real reason for Putin’s US adoption ban?
Carolyn Moynihan | Jan 10 2013 | comment  
Russian President Vladimir Putin upset a lot of Americans with his December 28 (feast of the Holy Innocents) ban on adoptions to the US -- at the same time ordering his government to take a range of steps to make it easier for Russians to adopt orphans.

The Internet: Apparently it’s a Big Deal.
Marcus Roberts | Sep 27 2012 | comment  
A new report has found that one-third of the world's population is now online.

Russia: Sick and Dying (Reboot)
Marcus Roberts | Jul 26 2012 | comment  
A response to responses to our last post.

Russia: Sick and Dying
Marcus Roberts | Jul 23 2012 | comment  
More bad news about Russia's population.

Putin Wants More Babies
Marcus Roberts | Feb 15 2012 | comment  
Putin has set out his policy platform on demography in his presidential re-election bid.

2 Million Russians turn out for fertility relic
Shannon Buckley | Nov 25 2011 | comment  
Normally situated at the Vatopedi Monastery on Mount Athos in Greece, the relic made of camel wool is believed to have the power to boost fertility. The National Post reports yesterday that the Russian people really have come out in force! Braving cold and snow, Moscow residents were willing to stand in a 5km line just to touch the belt...

Eberstadt on Russia’s Demographic Decline
Marcus Roberts | Nov 18 2011 | comment  
An article by Nicholas Eberstadt in the latest Foreign Affairs magazine sheds some light on Russia's worsening demographic crisis.

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