Where to now for European Immigration?
Marcus Roberts | Jan 12 2015 | comment  
Will we see a reappraisal in light of the Paris terror attacks?

Does UK Labour have a UKIP problem?
Marcus Roberts | Sep 5 2014 | comment  
Demography suggests that that is indeed the case.

Are we ready for the “grey tsunami”?
Marcus Roberts | Apr 22 2014 | comment  
The Lancet suggests that the UK, the USA and China are not ready.

UK Government: Please, Don’t Come! Part II
Marcus Roberts | Feb 4 2013 | comment  
Romania is not happy with the UK's attempts to limit Romanian migrants.

UK Government: Please, Don’t Come!
Marcus Roberts | Feb 1 2013 | comment  
The UK government is trying to convince Bulgarians and Romanians that the UK is not what it's cracked up to be.

The Challenge Against Immigration
Marcus Roberts | Sep 14 2012 | comment  
While immigration may make up for low birth rates, not everyone is happy about it in the UK.

UK Census 2011
Marcus Roberts | Jul 19 2012 | comment  
The results of the UK census 2011 are out.

Russia leads the way in dealing with demographic time-bomb
Peter Saunders | May 3 2011 | comment  
I was interested to see, following Minette Marin’s proposed ‘final solution’ for Britain’s growing number of elderly people, yet another article in the Sunday Times this weekend linking euthanasia with demographic trends. Lois Rogers, reporting on the recent joint suicide of a British couple in Australia, concluded her article with the provocative words: ‘Assisted dying is becoming more commonplace with the rise in the number of elderly people. Projections by the government suggest 11m Britons alive today can expect to reach 100.’

The Differing Migration Fortunes of the UK and Portugal
Marcus Roberts | Apr 15 2011 | comment  
While the UK is contemplating growing number of immigrants, Portugal is lamenting its lost migrants.

UK “fertility remains high”
Marcus Roberts | Mar 21 2011 | comment  
Remember when the archetypal family was Mum, Dad and 2.4 kids? Apparently in the United Kingdom, far from 2.4 children being the norm, a fertility rate of 1.94 children per woman in 2009 is a “high” fertility rate, at least according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).
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