USA’s life expectancy declines
Marcus Roberts | Dec 14 2016 | comment  
For the first time in 20 years.

Will Trump end US global dominance?
Marcus Roberts | Dec 9 2016 | comment  
If he does, he's got his work cut out for him.

The rapidly declining practice of international adoption
Marcus Roberts | Aug 12 2016 | comment  
But is this best for potential adoptees?

Americans are dying at a greater rate
Marcus Roberts | Jun 13 2016 | comment  
But will 2015 be the start of a trend?

The decline of the dragon
Marcus Roberts | May 25 2016 | comment  
Is China's demography its Achilles heel?

Why are Americans killing themselves?
Marcus Roberts | May 19 2016 | comment  
Why is the USA's suicide rate rising?

Are we too concerned about an ageing population?
Marcus Roberts | Apr 22 2016 | comment  
Will the economic burden be as bad as we fear?

Ageing population = low economic growth
Marcus Roberts | Dec 16 2015 | comment  
Is the USA's slow economic recovery due to the retiring baby boomers?

Middle-class white Americans are killing themselves
Marcus Roberts | Nov 13 2015 | comment  
What has happened to the American dream?

Disability Insurance about to run dry in the USA
Marcus Roberts | Jul 10 2015 | comment  
Why has the scheme become so bloated and strained?

Fewer annoying teenagers in the USA
Marcus Roberts | Apr 21 2015 | comment  
At least proportionately...and the numbers will continue to slide.

USA Labour Force Participation Revisited
Marcus Roberts | Oct 16 2014 | comment  
John Marlin provides some further thoughts on the USA's low rate.

A change to the USA’s employee structure?
Marcus Roberts | Oct 10 2014 | comment  
Why is the USA labour force participation rate stubbornly low?

Singles majority of adult population in USA
Marcus Roberts | Sep 16 2014 | comment  
The USA is now home to more singles than married people above the age of 16.

Are we ready for the “grey tsunami”?
Marcus Roberts | Apr 22 2014 | comment  
The Lancet suggests that the UK, the USA and China are not ready.

USA’s childless women
Marcus Roberts | Jan 28 2014 | comment  
More evidence of the drastic social changes that the USA has undergone in the last 40 years.

Are you a Jennifer? You are not alone
Marcus Roberts | Oct 29 2013 | comment  
A neat little map showing the most popular girl names in the USA since 1960.

USA is slowly having more children
Marcus Roberts | Sep 11 2013 | comment  
Are we seeing a fertility bump as the economic downturn slowly recedes?

Immigration to outstrip births in the USA
Marcus Roberts | Jun 20 2013 | comment  
Immigration to the USA is set to overtake the natural growth there in the next couple of decades.

USA’s Population Crisis: Hogwash?
Marcus Roberts | Apr 24 2013 | comment  
A recent opinion piece in the NYTimes tries to tell us that the USA has no fertility crisis.

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