The rise and rise of natural family planning
Shannon Roberts | Apr 27 2016 | comment  
It could change family planning aid in developing countries.

Australian academics moot trading in children
Shannon Roberts | Oct 13 2014 | comment  
Two Australian legal academics consider whether one way to reduce population growth is to include family planning in carbon markets.

Is Single Occupancy Vandalising the Environment?
Joanna Roughton | Apr 4 2014 | comment  
Singletons represent one of the greatest sociological shifts of our age.

The forgotten art of sharing is making a comeback
Shannon Roberts | Oct 28 2013 | comment  
One man's trash is another man's treasure - an idea that could save the planet.

Ten billion people = we’re all doomed!
Marcus Roberts | Jul 3 2013 | comment  
The Guardian's frontpage is full of our doom - population inspired doom.

USA’s Population Crisis: Hogwash?
Marcus Roberts | Apr 24 2013 | comment  
A recent opinion piece in the NYTimes tries to tell us that the USA has no fertility crisis.

Malaysia’s planned new eco-city
Shannon Roberts | Nov 5 2012 | comment  
Malaysia is planning a new green, energy efficient eco-city called “Iskandar Malaysia”. The country expects the new development, which covers about 2500 square kilometres, to have 3 million residents by 2025.

New Prius helps environment, says The Onion
Michael Cook | Jul 16 2012 | comment  
Um, well this video is The Onion's take on green-friendly technology. Why do we need people anyway? Don't they just pollute too much? Spoiler: only for people who enjoy tasteless humour.

Population putting pressure on Planet – putative points pondered
Marcus Roberts | Mar 29 2012 | comment  
In London today the Planet Under Pressure conference will come to an end. “What is this conference about?” I hear you ask. Well, according to its website (seriously, what did we do before the internet??) the conference...

Prince Charles and our Extinction
Marcus Roberts | Sep 13 2011 | comment  
Prince Charles has delivered his first speech as president of the WWF UK.

Contraception is not the way to fight global warming
William West | Sep 11 2009 | comment  
Population researchers have rejected research suggesting population control should be used to fight global warming.

Voluntary extinction—what a good idea!
Michael Cook | Apr 20 2009 | comment  
Before we turn to more optimistic topics, let's take a look at the website of the Voluntary Human Extinction Movement (VHEMT), whose creed is "Phasing out the human race by voluntarily ceasing to breed will allow Earth's biosphere to return to good health." Are they serious? Not serious, exactly, but "vehement": "Returning Earth to its natural splendor and ending needless suffering of humanity are happy thoughts -- no sense moping around in gloom and doom."
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