Fewer Girls = A More Violent World
Marcus Roberts | Jan 27 2013 | comment  

More on gendercide in India and China.

Wife Sharing in India
Marcus Roberts | Dec 19 2012 | comment  

Another pernicious consequence of gendercide in India.

Human Trafficking - The Progeny of the One Child Policy
Marcus Roberts | Sep 12 2012 | comment  

The One Child Policy isn’t merely an injustice against the unborn and their parents…

The Rhema Project
Marcus Roberts | May 25 2012 | comment  

The Rhema Project is an NGO doing wonderful things to combat gendercide in India.

Bollywood and gendercide in India
Marcus Roberts | May 16 2012 | comment  

A Bollywood actor uses his reality TV show to highlight gendercide in India.

Gendercide Recognition
Marcus Roberts | Jun 15 2011 | comment  
All Girls Allowed charitable group brings attention to the issue of gender imbalance.

India’s appalling sex ratio worsens
Michael Cook | Apr 2 2011 | comment  
The latest figures show that India’s child sex ratio is getting even worse. The normal ratio for children between 0 and 6 is about 950 girls to 1000 boys. However, early returns for the 2011 census show that the number of girls to 1,000 boys has shrunk to 914 girls to every 1000 boys, down from 927 in 2001.

A bleak future for boys in China, India and South Korea
Michael Cook | Mar 18 2011 | comment  
Just backing up a post by Marcus Roberts the other day, the Canadian Medical Association Journal has just published an article which claims that it will be decades before the natural sex-ratio is restored in parts of India, China and South Korea because of sex-selective abortion and son preference.

Will gender imbalance lead to war?
Marcus Roberts | Mar 17 2011 | comment  
Last weekend I saw an interesting headline in the local Saturday paper here in Auckland, The Weekend Herald. It read: “Bachelor Nations Risk Testosterone Overdose”. Looking at the author of the piece, I was even more interested to discover that it was written by one of the historians that I most enjoy reading – Niall Ferguson. Of course, this may not seem that exciting, but for us long-suffering Herald readers an interesting headline and an interesting contributor in the same piece is like receiving manna from heaven after wandering in the wilderness. And then discovering that that manna is wrapped in bacon.

In the “empowering women” engine room
Vincenzina Santoro | Mar 23 2010 | comment  

Each year the Commission on the Status of Women attracts women (mostly) from all over the globe to the United Nations for a two-week jam session that includes statements made by government officials and cabinet ministers dealing with women’s issues; side events sponsored by governments, UN agencies and the more activist non-governmental organizations accredited to the UN; and long, drawn out deliberations on resolutions presented by delegations. First and foremost is the theme of empowering women.

Putting gendercide on the front page
Michael Cook | Mar 11 2010 | comment  
It has taken 20 years, but gendercide has finally made the front page of The Economist. Back in 1990, Nobel Prize winning economist Amartya Sen wrote an astonishing article in the New York Review of Books claiming that 100 million girls had been aborted because of son-preference. This was happening mostly in China and India, but also in other Asian countries.

Female mortality matters
Vincenzina Santoro | Mar 4 2010 | comment  
New data from the UN tells us that if infants make it beyond the first year of life, their chance of survival to age five becomes even more difficult: the mortality rates for those under five are generally higher - but only in certain countries.

Is India winning its war against gendercide?
Carolyn Moynihan | Aug 25 2009 | comment  
A badly skewed sex ratio in the Indian capital, Delhi, has suddenlycorrected itself, according to official figures. In the period from2005 to 2007, only 871 girls were born in Delhi for every 1000 boys,but last year the ratio had changed to 1004 girls per 1000 boys, theRegistrar Generals records show.
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