Four innovative foodies
Shannon Roberts | Sep 19 2016 | comment  
New ideas deserve to be celebrated.

“I don’t make merry myself at Christmas”
Shannon Roberts | Dec 24 2013 | comment  
It seems that the timeless classic "A Christmas Carol" contains some demographic lessons for us too.

Poverty and Population
Marcus Roberts | Nov 9 2011 | comment  
A short video clip on the benefits of population on poverty.

Famine - Too Many Mouths to Feed?
Marcus Roberts | Aug 25 2011 | comment  
Is overpopulation really the cause of famines like those in Somalia?

Beckham birth ‘bad example’ or ‘good news’?
Shannon Buckley | Aug 15 2011 | comment  
The recent birth of David and Victoria Beckham’s baby daughter, Harper Seven, is good news according to Dr. Dermot Grenham, a population expert who holds a doctorate in mathematics from the University of Oxford and a specialist masters degree in population and development from the London School of Economics

Boris Johnson on over-population
Michael Cook | Jan 13 2010 | comment  

Gee, I missed this one from the hoo-haa surrounding the Copenhagen Summit. Sorry…

John Lennon on the population bomb
Michael Cook | Jan 5 2010 | comment  
Arguments from authority are very weak indeed, but when the authority is John Lennon, what the heck.

The myth of Nigeria’s over-population
Adebowale Oriku | Nov 13 2009 | comment  
I have heard it parroted for as long as I can’t remember that Nigeria’s hyperpopulation is one of the reasons the country is failing. And from the first time I heard this flawed reasoning I have always countered it, even when my views had not even been mellowed with data, statistics and considerable knowledge of political economy. The problem with the notion of high population is not so much that it is erroneous as that it might give Nigeria’s misrulers something to blame for their slimy utter badness

Did Borlaug’s work embarrass population controllers?
William West | Sep 18 2009 | comment  
Norman Borlaug should have been an American hero for his work in preventing the population bomb from exploding, but his name is still barely known in the United States.

40 years later, was “The Population Bomb” a damp squib?
Michael Cook | Aug 5 2009 | comment  
Forty years after the publication of Paul Ehrlich’s influential book The Population Bomb, a new scholarly, peer-reviewed magazine, the Electronic Journal of Sustainable Development, thinks that it is time to take stock. And in a fascinating series of articles, it contributors demolish Ehrlich’s population pessimism. This is essential reading – and it is freely available. Here are a few highlights.

US now “deeply committed” to slowing population growth
Michael Cook | May 6 2009 | comment  
The new US ambassador for global women's issues has assured the UN of the Obama administration's "deep commitment" to a its blueprint for slowing the population explosion and empowering women. However, Melanne Verveer highlighted the importance of educating girls rather than "reproductive rights". The theory is that educated women choose to have fewer children.

Peter Singer on feeding the world’s poor
Michael Cook | Apr 21 2009 | comment  
I have been reading Peter Singer’s latest book, The life you can save: Acting now to end world poverty. Yes, that Peter Singer, the animal rights philosopher whose ethical system encompasses infanticide and euthanasia. Much to my surprise, I agree with him!

David Attenborough frightened by population growth
Michael Cook | Apr 19 2009 | comment  
Sir David Attenborough, the well-known natural history documentary film-maker, has become a patron of the Optimum Population Trust. He find the growth in human population "frightening".

Ballade of Certain Demographers
Michael Cook | Apr 17 2009 | comment  
This is just a bit of fun for lovers of doggerel. Normally we don’t publish doggerel, or even poetry for that matter, in MercatorNet, but the editor does not feel bound to follow the rules. This bit of fun was composed a few years ago, after seeing that Chapter 2 of Paul Ehrlich’s 1995 book about the coming crisis of widespread starvation, The Stork and the Plow, is entitled “The Only Animal That Practices Birth Control”.

Bad ideas never die; they become government reports
Michael Cook | Mar 31 2009 | comment  
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