Do you wish you were a 1970’s mum?
Shannon Roberts | May 18 2016 | comment  
One reason why birth rates are not recovering post-recession.

Improved economy not improving US fertility rates
Shannon Roberts | Feb 11 2015 | comment  
Experts are perplexed.

Wolves are on the comeback
Marcus Roberts | Jan 7 2014 | comment  
And I don't mean the football team.

The Falklands: An underutilised paradise?
Shannon Roberts | Sep 16 2012 | comment  
Are the Falklands being used to their best advantage? In a recession, they could be an underutilised paradise with their jobs, white sandy beaches, wildlife, mountain ranges – and lack of people. The census shows that the islands have a less than 1% unemployment rate, and the average annual income of $32,213 is much higher than Argentina's $9,620 as of last year, or that of any of the Falklands' other Latin American neighbours. However, census released this month show the small population of 2,563 to have been static since 2006.

Recession pushes United States birth rate to 25 year low
Shannon Roberts | Aug 18 2012 | comment  
The United States had been one of the few developed countries to maintain fertility rates at close to replacement level. However, the average number of births per woman there is projected to fall to 1.87 this year and 1.86 next year according to consulting firm Demographic Intelligence. Surprisingly, it is now below that of even the British and the French (both at 2.0). The rates are a 25 year low and, sadly, seem in some part to be due to the recession and a rising cost of living and having children.

Recession and Childbearing in the US
Marcus Roberts | Aug 17 2011 | comment  
Demographers argue that the recession will lead to lower fertility in the US.

Getting old – the Reason for Our Economic Malaise? Part II
Marcus Roberts | Aug 10 2011 | comment  
A response to the last post's article.

Population Decline and the Recession
Marcus Roberts | Jul 19 2011 | comment  
Vatican economist discusses the link between low birthrates and economic meltdown.
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