Sex Ratio

Have China’s “missing girls” been found?
Marcus Roberts | Dec 6 2016 | comment  
Are reports of a sex ratio imbalance exaggerated?

Shengnu women and boyfriends for rent
Marcus Roberts | Feb 26 2015 | comment  
A baleful mix of societal pressure, gender imbalance, and the one child policy.

Millions of “Leftover Women” in China
Marcus Roberts | May 13 2014 | comment  
Is it any surprise that Chinese women suffer social inequality with the one-child policy in place?

Asian fertility video
Marcus Roberts | Nov 21 2013 | comment  
An informative video showing the steep decline in the fertility rate in Asia.

China’s one-child policy to be relaxed
Marcus Roberts | Nov 18 2013 | comment  
The Chinese Government has slightly relaxed the notorious one-child policy.

Modern Day Slavery
Marcus Roberts | Oct 19 2013 | comment  
There are still 30 million slaves in the world today.

India’s Slums
Marcus Roberts | Oct 11 2013 | comment  
All of India's slums are now included in the national census: the results are somewhat surprising.

Ramadan Carols - Wishing for a Boy
Marcus Roberts | Aug 9 2013 | comment  
In Central Asia, there are some Ramadan carols that say a lot about prevailing attitudes to girl babies.

Vanishing Females in Vietnam
Vincenzina Santoro | Jan 18 2010 | comment  
Is Vietnam heading down the same rocky road as China by allowing sex-selective abortion?

China wakes up to consequences of one-child policy
Michael Cook | Jan 14 2010 | comment  
The penny has finally dropped for the Chinese government. The Chinese Academy of Social Sciences has admitted that gender imbalance because of its draconian one-child policy is a serious problem. In a report in the Chinese newspaper Global Times, demographers Wang Guangzhou and Wang Yuesheng sketched some of China’s intractable problems.

Is India winning its war against gendercide?
Carolyn Moynihan | Aug 25 2009 | comment  
A badly skewed sex ratio in the Indian capital, Delhi, has suddenlycorrected itself, according to official figures. In the period from2005 to 2007, only 871 girls were born in Delhi for every 1000 boys,but last year the ratio had changed to 1004 girls per 1000 boys, theRegistrar Generals records show.
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