Your kids and the facts of life
Carolyn Smith and Mary Cooney | Oct 3 2016 | comment  
An interview with the author of an excellent resource for parents.

Not the voice of my generation
Kate Bryan | Oct 24 2014 | comment  
The creator of Girls has spun the show's themes into a book, but it's still just about one, tiresome thing.

Do bookshelves make bookworms?
Joanna Roughton | Jun 13 2014 | comment  
A multi-country study finds that merely having a few books in the home gives a child an educational advantage.

Pride and Prejudice at 200
Carolyn Moynihan | Jan 31 2013 | comment  
The romantic appeal of the novel is, of course, at odds with its outmoded gender paradigm.

Why Sensible, Well-balanced Parents are Superior
Mariette Ulrich | Feb 10 2012 | comment  
I can hardly wait to publish my new parenting book, the thesis of which will run something thus: "German-Swiss-Slovak-Canadian Catholic” parents are demonstrably superior at raising children..."

Will a story about dieting help your overweight child?
Mariette Ulrich | Aug 30 2011 | comment  
If I had a definitive (and easy) solution to the dilemma of overweight children, I might well be a millionaire. As it is, life tends to be a little more difficult and complex.

Chastened: a post-feminist experiment
Carolyn Moynihan | Jul 5 2010 | comment  
Maybe something is changing for the better out there among Generation Y. A British journalist in her early 30s has written a book about renouncing sex for a year in order to get control of her emotional life. It’s called Chastened.

Heather and her mommies at 20
Carolyn Moynihan | Mar 5 2010 | comment  
It is not everyone’s idea of an occasion to celebrate but a publisher named Alyson Books has brought out a twentieth anniversary edition of the famous child’s primer on same-sex relationships: Heather Has Two Mommies.

The Gray Lady and her toxic books
Carolyn Moynihan | Jan 14 2010 | comment  
Top of the New York Times Book Review this week is Elizabeth Gilbert’s sort-of romantic travelogue, Committed. It's the kind of book the Times seems to love.
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