Grey divorce
Nicole M. King | Mar 15 2017 | comment  
'Survival' tips for 50-somethings omit the most important: stay married.

The treachery of divorce
Luma Simms | Jan 13 2017 | comment  
It looks to be a way out of our misery, but bitterness never fails to follow.

Keeping sex for marriage helps marriages last the distance
Carolyn Moynihan | Jun 13 2016 | comment  
A new study confirms that virgin brides have the lowest divorce rates.

Losing a parent to death or divorce - which is worse?
Nicole M. King | Apr 20 2016 | comment  
Research shows that “Parental separation was significantly associated with almost all disorders.”

Losing a parent to divorce affects educational ambition
Nicole M. King | Mar 30 2016 | comment  
Why? Because it changes family involvement in children’s educational activities

The children of divorce: anything but resilient
Nicole M. King | Feb 24 2016 | comment  
Research shows that parental divorce has impacts right into adulthood.

Should we fix mental health issues or prevent them?
Nicole M. King | Feb 17 2016 | comment  
Mental distress can be lessened by a secure family unit.

Later-in-life divorce becoming more common
Nicole M. King | Feb 3 2016 | comment  
And the ramifications are far from positive.

Nothing happy about divorce season
Nicole M. King | Jan 14 2016 | comment  
Filing for divorce accelerates after the holiday season, and the effect on kids is long-term.

Parental divorce ups likelihood of marijuana use
Nicole M. King | Jan 8 2016 | comment  
Religion, on the other hand, is linked to less marijuana use.

“When my parents got divorced”
Tamara El-Rahi | Oct 8 2015 | comment  
A surprisingly real video by BuzzFeed.

Want a lasting marriage?
Naomi Schaefer Riley | Aug 14 2015 | comment  
Don't look to Hollywood for role models.

Marriage is forever
Tamara El-Rahi | Jul 8 2015 | comment  
Not just till the feelings don't feel so good.

Easy divorce, earlier death?
Nicole M. King | May 26 2015 | comment  
The unhealthy correlation between divorce and mortality.

Life is short. Don’t have an affair
Nicole M. King | Apr 27 2015 | comment  
Cheating ends in divorce for many, many couples

Divorced parents, increased drug use
Nicole M. King | Mar 9 2015 | comment  
Full divorce courts + empty churches = more drug use.

Is life after divorce better?
Nicole M. King | Jan 13 2015 | comment  
Research says that losing a spouse through divorce can be harder than losing a spouse to death.

The link between divorce and mortality
Nicole M. King | Sep 10 2014 | comment  
Divorce packages at hotels won't stop the detrimental effects of divorce.

The first divorce selfie
Tamara El-Rahi | Sep 2 2014 | comment  
And why it makes me sad.

Premature death linked to divorce
Nicole M. King | Aug 12 2014 | comment  
Which makes the worst states for divorce good for your health.

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