Sophie Ellis-Bextor inspires with her family ethic
Tamara El-Rahi | Sep 19 2016 | comment  
An inspiration where other pop stars fail to be.

Two life factors that prevent debt
Nicole M. King | Apr 13 2016 | comment  
Hint: the family has everything to do with it.

Baby left in nativity scene’s manger
Tamara El-Rahi | Dec 1 2015 | comment  
A story to kick-start December - beautiful yet sad all at the same time.

Family is on trend
Tamara El-Rahi | Oct 15 2015 | comment  
Plus here's a cute video to prove it.

Expert offer solutions to end marriage crisis
Michael Cook | Oct 3 2014 | comment  
Ahead of a Vatican synod, an international group of experts has made some practical suggestions.

Family capital, the key to development
Carolyn Moynihan | Jul 9 2012 | comment  
A new book, Families and the The Millennium Development Goals, puts the family front and centre of this programme.

Australian politician ridicules same-sex marriage
Michael Cook | Aug 17 2011 | comment  
Bob Katter is a member of Federal Parliament from an electorate in North Queensland which is larger than Spain. He is one of the great mavericks of Australian politics. Today he addressed the issue of same-sex unions at the National Marriage Day in Canberra.

“Don’t meddle with marriage”
Carolyn Moynihan | Aug 16 2011 | comment  
Australian family advocates and supporters have travelled to the federal capital, Canberra, today to tell politicians, “Don’t meddle with marriage”.

Why policymakers should grow the family
Carolyn Moynihan | Aug 8 2011 | comment  
The activities of marrying as well as bearing children, which Adam Smith considered among factors of lasting economic growth and true wealth in capitalist societies like the United States, are not counted in the GDP.

Reject cohabitation! Pope urges young Croatians
Carolyn Moynihan | Jun 8 2011 | comment  
During a brief visit to Croatia at the end of last week, Pope Benedict addressed a crowd of over 400,000 people at the country's first annual family day in the capital, Zagreb.

Friends for the hiring
Carolyn Moynihan | May 25 2011 | comment  
Need a relation or friend to boost your wedding party? A partner for the conference dinner? Someone to show you around a strange city? An audience for your gig? Yes, there comes a time when Facebook is simply no use and you need a real person at your side. But, do not worry; practically any personal gap can be filled today -- for a fee.

Drifting into family chaos
Carolyn Moynihan | Feb 23 2011 | comment  
A recent Pew poll found that Americans are broadly tolerant of “non-traditional families” but draw the line at single motherhood.

The American family: torn by a culture of rejection
Carolyn Moynihan | Jan 13 2011 | comment  
We hear a lot about family breakdown but not much that throws light on its true extent, or on the causes. A new study remedies that by describing the parental relationship in terms of either “belonging” or “rejection”.

Princess Mary of Denmark has twins
Carolyn Moynihan | Jan 9 2011 | comment  
Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark are parents again -- to twins, a boy and a girl, born January 8. That brings the tally of their children to four.

A Hollywood story, where things turn out (more or less) right
Carolyn Moynihan | Nov 19 2010 | comment  
Life seems to have imitated art in the life of child film star Baby Marie Osborne, according to an obituary for her in the New York Times. “She was cast as an orphan, a child of social climbers, the charmer of a crotchety millionaire, a diplomat, a cupid,” but her real life was equally eventful.

Sharia law, women’s dignity and the family
Carolyn Moynihan | Oct 19 2010 | comment  
An American political candidate has raised the alarm in the US about sharia law, claiming that two districts were already effectively under the Islamic legal system. Exaggeration aside, what kind of threat, if any, does this system pose to American or Western values if it is tolerated?

What ‘family’ means in America now?
Carolyn Moynihan | Sep 15 2010 | comment  
The latest ammunition in the same-sex marriage wars is a New York Times report about research showing that “a majority of Americans now say their definition of family includes same-sex couples with children, as well as married gay and lesbian couples”.

How did a boy from a good family become a ruthless drug lord?
Carolyn Moynihan | Sep 9 2010 | comment  
It can happen in the best of families that there is a bad egg. This seems to be the case with the American high school football star who became one of Mexico’s most feared and savage drug dealers, La Barbie.

Switched babies make one big, happy family
Carolyn Moynihan | Aug 2 2010 | comment  
Not infrequently one reads stories about babies accidentally switched at birth, but they do not always have a happy ending like this one from Brazil.

Musical mom has kids and career
Carolyn Moynihan | Jul 27 2010 | comment  
A reader in Canada has alerted me to a really great article -- a profile of a musical mother who is keeping up her career but not letting it get in the way of having a family. Child number four is on the way and won’t be the last if she and her husband have their way.

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