Bored? Hire a friend
Tamara El-Rahi | Mar 14 2014 | comment  
Friend-renting websites reveal a society with too many lonely individuals.

Social media is making us ruder
Tamara El-Rahi | Apr 12 2013 | comment  
Have you ever argued with a friend on Facebook? Blocked or deleted them after a virtual agreement? Well, it turns out that you're not alone. It's actually a thing! It's not surprising that relationships - whether with friends, family, lovers - have been ruined thanks to social media. According to a recent survey, 78% of people have reported increased rudeness online, and most have no qualms at all about forgetting their manners in the online sphere.

To avoid binge drinking, know your friend’s friends
Carolyn Moynihan | Sep 30 2011 | comment  
Binge drinking is a growing problem among adolescents and a new study highlights the way such behaviour may spread.

Friends for the hiring
Carolyn Moynihan | May 25 2011 | comment  
Need a relation or friend to boost your wedding party? A partner for the conference dinner? Someone to show you around a strange city? An audience for your gig? Yes, there comes a time when Facebook is simply no use and you need a real person at your side. But, do not worry; practically any personal gap can be filled today -- for a fee.

Is having a family the way to lose friends?
Carolyn Moynihan | Jun 17 2010 | comment  
Have children, lose friends. That’s the message highlighted in some reports about research on how neighbourly and friendly British people are. And it is not only parents who are missing out on friendship at a time when people boast hundreds of friends on social networking sites.

Generation text: always talking, but what’s the goal?
Carolyn Moynihan | May 4 2010 | comment  
As young people turn increasingly to texting and instant messaging to communicate with their friends, psychologists worry that they are missing out on the intimacy and depth of friendship that face-to-face communication allows, reports the New York Times.
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