Men’s brains are hardwired for…fatherhood
Tamara El-Rahi | Jun 30 2014 | comment  
Men are underestimated when it comes to parenting.

Does “the end of men” begin in fatherless homes?
Carolyn Moynihan | Mar 21 2013 | comment  
A new study indicates fatherless boys do worse than girls in the labour market.

Biologists, who needs them?
Carolyn Moynihan | Aug 30 2012 | comment  
In a New York Times opinion piece, a professor of biology and criminal justice instructs us in the biological reasons for the redundancy of the male sex.

Bringing down the price of sex
Carolyn Moynihan | Jul 26 2011 | comment  
Talk has broken out again about a male contraceptive pill. This has happened periodically over the 50 years that women have been swallowing the pill that men invented for them.

Guys v. men
Mariette Ulrich | Feb 28 2011 | comment  
“Where Have the Good Men Gone?” asks the title of a Wall Street Journal essay adapted from Kay Hymowitz's new book, Manning Up.

Of mice and men
Carolyn Moynihan | Jun 30 2010 | comment  
Why has there never been a male contraceptive pill? Probably because, knowing that women have stronger reasons to carry this burden, nobody was trying very hard. But now, 50 years after women started risking their health and happiness by swallowing synthetic hormones on a regular basis, Israeli scientists have announced that a male pill is in sight.

The marriage advantage—who’s missing out?
Carolyn Moynihan | Jan 30 2010 | comment  
A report from the Pew Research Centre this month draws attention to what it calls The New Economics of Marriage: The Rise of Wives. Statistically, between 1970 and 2007, wives have gained a significant edge over husbands in education and their economic contribution to the home has grown faster.

Calling all monogamous men
Carolyn Moynihan | Sep 1 2009 | comment  
Family scholar Patrick Fagan has come up with elegant schema contrasting “monogamous” culture with other kinds of sexual culture which he calls, collectively, “polyamorous”. Speaking at the world Congress of Families recently in Amsterdam, he highlighted the gulf that exists between the two cultures in terms of values and practical consequences. And he proposed a solution.
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