Missing fathers, swelling waistlines
Nicole M. King | Feb 12 2016 | comment  
A Danish study shows that children born in a fatherless home are physiologically prone to obesity.

Housework versus obesity
Joanna Roughton | Sep 25 2015 | comment  
It's hard to burn enough calories sitting in front of a computer.

Fatherless and fat
Nicole M. King | Apr 22 2015 | comment  
Children from one-parent families have higher odds of obesity than children from two-parent families.

How to slim down super-sized kids
Laura Keynes | Mar 27 2015 | comment  
Restore the traditional family and its mealtimes.

How family meals deter obesity
Nicole M. King | Sep 24 2014 | comment  
Research shows that more family meals are linked to less obesity.

Loneliness is bad for your health
Nicole M. King | Feb 28 2014 | comment  
Chronic loneliness is more damaging to health than obesity.

The untold story behind child obesity
Nicole M. King | Nov 22 2013 | comment  
It's uncomfortable to admit, but childhood obesity often starts with family life patterns.

Family breakdown linked to obesity
Nicole M. King | Nov 11 2013 | comment  
Kids from one-parent families are at greater risk of obesity and early onset puberty.

Daycare linked to overweight kids in Canadian study
Carolyn Moynihan | Nov 26 2012 | comment  
A study from the University of Montreal reveals that school-age children are 50 percent more likely to be overweight if they were in daycare between the ages of 18 months and four years.

Electronics in the bedroom add pounds to kids waists
Carolyn Moynihan | Oct 23 2012 | comment  
"If you want your kids to sleep better and live a healthier lifestyle, get the technology out of the bedroom," says Canadian public health professor Paul Veugelers.

It’s so cool to drink water
Carolyn Moynihan | Jun 11 2012 | comment  
The war on fat is becoming a war on sugar, but what does it take to get people off fizzy drinks and juices that are loaded with the sweet stuff?

Obesity researchers find teens “frustrating”. How surprising.
Mariette Ulrich | May 30 2012 | comment  
An intensive obesity-prevention program for Australian girls didn't lead to any improvements in their diet, physical activity or body weight a year later.

Early puberty—or is it?
Carolyn Moynihan | Apr 4 2012 | comment  
Is puberty before the age of 10 a “new normal” for girls? asks a long article in the New York Times magazine.

Will Big Government save us from Big Appetites?
Mariette Ulrich | Feb 22 2012 | comment  
The Obama Administration has gone nuts. Literally. The czars fiddle with peanut vending machines while Washington burns ever deeper into multi-trillion dollar debt. But oh, it’s for the children.

Is allowing too many Twinkies child abuse?
Mariette Ulrich | Aug 1 2011 | comment  
Should parents of morbidly obese children lose custody of their children? Yes, argue some medical experts. They recommend that in some extreme cases, foster care is the most ethical path to take.

Child obesity: Tater Tots are not the problem
Mariette Ulrich | Jan 8 2011 | comment  
I have just taken another look at the Obama's Christmas present to the nation -- the nutrition bill and I do not find it to my taste.

Is suing McDonald’s a good parenting strategy?
Mariette Ulrich | Dec 19 2010 | comment  
It's the unhappy battle over the McDonald’s Happy Meal, which Monet Parham, mother of two and a health educator, says she just can't win.

Three home routines reduced obesity
Carolyn Moynihan | Feb 12 2010 | comment  
With Michelle Obama heading up a new anti-obesity programme in the United States studies analysing the problem of childhood obesity are coming thick and fast.

Eat fast, grow fat
Carolyn Moynihan | Nov 11 2009 | comment  
Fast food, as we all know, tends to make you fat. But even slow food cooked lovingly at home and eaten at the table could do the same if you ate it too fast.
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