CEOs and religion
Tamara El-Rahi | Nov 27 2014 | comment  
Ever heard of a strongly religious CEO? They do exist.

A science lesson about faith and families (cartoon)
Carolyn Moynihan | Feb 14 2013 | comment  
Social science provides ample evidence that churchgoing kids flourish. So why are some secularists crusading against religion?

Conceived in rape: why Mourdock was right
Carolyn Moynihan | Nov 5 2012 | comment  
The latest political kerfuffle over rape and abortion has largely been swept away by Hurricane Sandy, but the views of a US Senate candidate deserve a defence.

Raise kids religious
Mariette Ulrich | Jul 17 2012 | comment  
A large US study shows that growing up in a religious household has advantages for children.

Family connections: who is more likely to lash out?
Carolyn Moynihan | Aug 16 2011 | comment  
Over the weekend I read a new book in which the mother of three-month-old twins (born prematurely) who died from head injuries in 2006 gives her account of the circumstances surrounding their deaths.

Teens keep religious identity through high school
Carolyn Moynihan | Jul 5 2011 | comment  
Teenagers retain their religious identity even while they drop out of religious activities, a study of high-school students in Los Angeles has found.

Marriages in US lasting longer, but why?
Mariette Ulrich | Jun 14 2011 | comment  
A Census Bureau report shows that three in four couples who married after 1990 celebrated a 10-year anniversary. Is this the result of a new "marriage bargain"?

Family factors in unwed pregnancy
Carolyn Moynihan | Mar 21 2011 | comment  
Family structure and religion are factors that significantly influence whether a woman has an unwed pregnancy, a new report from the Family Research Council shows.

Younger working class miss out on jobs, marriage, religion
Carolyn Moynihan | Sep 8 2010 | comment  
Younger working class people are drifting further away from middle class America and traditional values because they cannot find work in the changing job market. The social and political implications may be drastic.

Educated and religious people most likely to marry
Carolyn Moynihan | Mar 29 2010 | comment  
It is what you would expect -- research showing that religious people are more likely to marry than merely cohabit with a partner -- but helpful to see the actual figures.

Barcelona: the demographic games
Carolyn Moynihan | Mar 24 2010 | comment  
Sorry for the long gap in posts on this blog but following the two-day conference on demography that I attended in Barcelona on the 12th and 13th of March, I was travelling for another week with little access to the internet. Barcelona is an impressive city and the conference equally so. I set out from my homely base in the South Pacific with some preconceptions which were quickly blown apart.

‘Go forth and multiply’ - Hasidic matriarch leaves 2000 descendants
Carolyn Moynihan | Feb 22 2010 | comment  
Here’s a nice change. Usually it is Christian families causing a sensation by having extra large families (Remember the Duggar family of Arkansas? More about them later.) But this story in the New York Times is about a Hasidic Jewish woman who died last month aged 93 leaving probably 2000 living descendants.

What makes people take a pride in their work?
Carolyn Moynihan | Nov 4 2009 | comment  
If there is one thing the financial crisis has taught us it is the need society has for people who take a (well-founded) pride in their work.

The spiritual world of children
Carolyn Moynihan | Sep 4 2009 | comment  
News that the spiritual welfare of young children is being neglected somewhere will not surprise anyone, but the evidence adduced by a British researcher produced an eye-catching headline in the London Telegraph. “Angel sightings ‘should not be dismissed’”, it read.
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