child development

child development

A psychiatrist looks at personal identity, family structure, and identity politics
Richard B. Corradi | 29 July 2016
tags: identity politics, psychiatry, same-sex parenting
Rebuilding the psychological foundations of healthy identity.

Simplicity parenting: it’s time to underwhelm the children
Eloise Cataudella | 17 February 2015
tags: child development, culture of excess, parenting
A family counselor argues that parents are falling into the trap of providing too much. (Part one of two.)

US versus New York Times on drugs
ONDCP | 30 July 2014
tags: drugs, marijuana, Obama administration
The Obama Administration strongly opposes the legalisation of marijuana use.

The new silence which is destroying our kids
Jeremy Sammut | 30 January 2014
tags: Australia, broken families, child abuse, divorce, single motherhood
Why are politicians and the media ignoring the cause of most child abuse: the breakdown of the traditional family?

Abolishing the age of consent
Jacqueline Laing | 07 November 2013
tags: age of consent, pedophilia, Peter Singer
Campaigns for legalisation and destigmatisation have a long, though not so venerable, history.

Do anti-bullying programs lead to more bullying?
Izzy Kalman | 28 October 2013
A new study questions the effectiveness of campaigns to stop the scourge of bullying.

Should Australia ban smacking?
Carolyn Moynihan | 10 September 2013
tags: children's rights, corporal punishment, smacking, spanking
It could, but that would not stop child abuse or improve children’s mental health.

The myth of “normal” sibling rivalry
Izzy Kalman | 27 August 2013
tags: bullying, child development, parenting
How can it be healthy for brothers to fight like cats and dogs if school bullying is pathological?

Teaching children the facts of life
Louise Kirk | 24 June 2013
tags: character education, parental rights, sex education
With new science and story-telling techniques the task is actually getting easier for parents.

Not so fast!
Walter R. Schumm | 08 June 2013
tags: same-sex parenting, statistics
A one-page report on the success of same-sex parenting was reported around the world this week. How reliable is it?

A clear and present danger for the Boy Scouts
Philip Sutton | 28 March 2013
tags: Boy Scouts, homosexuality, US Supreme Court
An organisation which emphasises strength and purity of character has every right to exclude gays and lesbians as leaders.

Get out your stripey socks
Mary Le Rumeur | 20 March 2013
tags: bioethics, Down syndrome
... and celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. It's time to explode the myths and fears that surround this condition.

Assessing California’s ban on “conversion therapies”
Melinda Selmys | 18 December 2012
tags: conversion therapy, homosexuality
A ban on "gay conversion" therapies for teenagers has been harshly criticised. But the issues are not as simple as they might seem at first glance.

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