Job insecurity
Zac Alstin | 01 September 2015
tags: automation, economy, employment
Will automation free the wage-slave?

Europe’s Greek miscalculation
George Friedman | 08 July 2015
tags: European Union, Greece, Grexit
The EU backs itself into a corner.

Public Debt, Political Paralysis, and the West
Samuel Gregg | 02 July 2015
tags: debt, economics
Government and citizens refuse to face difficult economic choices.

The new economics of development: from below, starting with the family
Maria Sophia Aguirre | 22 January 2015
tags: development economics, family values
Pouring money in at the top, controlling life at its source, is so last century.

Did the Protestant work ethic create capitalism?
Samuel Gregg | 21 January 2014
tags: capitalism, economic history, economics
New research has shown that Max Weber's famous theory linking the two is quite wrong.

In praise of honest work
Karl D. Stephan | 25 September 2013
tags: anthropology, unemployment, work
If we believed in the honour of work, employment would take care of itself.

Understanding Keynes
Ricardo Crespo | 10 May 2013
tags: Aristotle, economics, homosexuality, John Maynard Keynes
Were the theories of the 20th Century's most famous economist blemished by the fact that he was a homosexual? An expert on Keynes says No.

Brain explosion: big neuroscience teams up with Obama
Denyse O'Leary | 08 March 2013
tags: economics, love, neuroscience
The US President is backing a brain activity map project that would cost billions and may be fatally flawed.

Working abroad, supporting the family at home
Vincenzina Santoro | 22 February 2013
tags: migrant workers, Philippines, remittances
Emigrants’ remittances are at the core of poverty alleviation in many developing countries.

China: hoping for real change
Constance Kong | 19 November 2012
tags: China, Communist Party, demography, economic crisis
There has been a changing of the guard at headquarters, but entrenched interests are still well guarded.

Where an exhausted society can flourish again
Yuval Levin | 26 October 2012
tags: civil society, United States, welfare state
Between the government and the individual is a vital space which both conservatives and liberals are neglecting.

The problem with starting a family today
Mariette Ulrich | 18 October 2012
tags: baby boomers, family values, Gen X, Gen Y
Is it the Boomers’ greed, or is there another reason Gens X and Y are struggling in today’s economy?

Match-making economists earn Nobel for economic engineering
Andrew John | 17 October 2012
tags: economics, Nobel Prize for Economics
This year's award goes to two academics whose work has very practical applications.

The end of men - and women
Carolyn Moynihan | 24 September 2012
tags: gender equality, men, post-industrial economy
If masculinity is doomed, so is femininity, as a new book demonstrates.

Yes, Boris, it’s you
Joanna Bogle | 31 July 2012
tags: Britain, Olympics, politics
If these the times, then this must be the man, what?

23 Things They Don’t Tell You About Capitalism
David J. Peterson | 28 February 2012
tags: books, economics
A Korean economist critiques the conventional wisdom about the secrets of economic growth.

Beating the competition
Carolyn Moynihan | 03 February 2012
tags: education crisis, family structure, US economy
Business leaders are blaming the education system for the loss of jobs offshore. But aren’t they forgetting that other institution that turns out good workers?

Germany faces tough decisions in Europe’s debt crisis
George Friedman | 01 February 2012
tags: debt crisis, European Union, Germany, Stratfor
The Germans hold many cards, and that's their problem.

“Tax me please, I’m rich!”
Vincenzina Santoro | 18 January 2012
tags: debt crisis, taxation, USA
If they are so keen, why don’t they just give it to the government anyway?

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