ethics of warfare

ethics of warfare

When 19,000 British troops died in a single day
Michael Cook | 01 July 2016
tags: Battle of the Somme, culture of death, World War I
The carnage of World War I was the opening salvo of the culture of death.

Hiroshima’s literary legacy
Daniel Cordle | 10 August 2015
tags: atomic bomb, Hiroshima, war correspondents, war literature
A war correspondent rendered the Japanese bomb victims human to his American audience.

Atomic amnesia: why Hiroshima narratives remain few and far between
Sofia Ahlberg | 06 August 2015
tags: atomic bomb, Hiroshima, war narratives
It testifies to something unspeakable within us.

How to remember Hiroshima
Zac Alstin | 06 August 2015
tags: atomic bomb, Hiroshima, just war, World War II
Our fixation with the atom bomb distorts the historical record.

American psychologists promise not to collude in torture
Michael Cook | 05 August 2015
tags: psychology, same-sex marriage, torture
In 2005 the top brass in the American Psychological Association changed its code of ethics.

Stop killer robots before they are built
Toby Walsh | 28 July 2015
tags: ethics of warfare, robotics, technology
We need to stop an arms race in a lethal technology before it is too late.

Understanding just war theory
Matthew Beard | 25 June 2015
tags: ethics of warfare, just war
Whether they realise it or not, most people support a theory first advanced by St Augustine in the 4th century.

When is a war crime not a war crime?
Zac Alstin | 10 March 2015
tags: Japan, just war, war crimes, World War II
70 years since the war crime we're too ashamed to remember

The torture-abortion nexus
Michael Cook | 02 February 2015
tags: abortion, torture
Why do philosophers who defend abortion also defend torture?

Being “nice” worked in World War II. Why not now?
Michael Cook | 12 December 2014
tags: torture, World War II
Two legendary interrogators have lessons for the War on Terror.

Ethics will always play catch-up in the war on terror
Michael Cook | 10 December 2014
tags: ethics of warfare, torture, USA, war on terror
A deeply utilitarian mindset pervades US foreign policy.

John McCain breaks ranks with GOP over CIA torture
John McCain | 10 December 2014
tags: CIA, enhanced interrogation techniques, torture, war on terror
Based on personal experience he says that "enhanced interrogation techniques" were shameful and didn't work.

Killing Americans abroad: has Obama’s policy changed?
Matthew Sussex | 18 February 2014
tags: Barack Obama, drones, targeted assassination, USA
The ethics of execution without a trial need to be debated.

Are we educating doctors to participate in torture?
Craig Klugman | 12 November 2013
tags: bioethics, medical ethics, torture, war on terror
A recent report has condemned the role that doctors and psychologists played in "enhanced interrogations".

In Bosnia, the ghosts still have no resting place
Mishka Gora | 29 October 2013
tags: Bosnia, genocide, war crimes
Twenty years after fighting ceased, many people are still caught up in a culture of denial.

You Fooled Us Once with Iraq…
Robert Hutchinson | 06 September 2013
Can the looming participation of the US in Syria's vicious fighting be regarded as a "just war"?

Syria’s spiral of war
Paul Rogers | 28 June 2013
tags: ethics of warfare, Syria
Skilled diplomacy is needed to avert an escalating arms race between the two sides in which many more civilians will die.

Should robot soldiers kill—or be killed?
Karl D. Stephan | 07 June 2013
tags: ethics of warfare, human rights, weapons
The development of drones and robots who decide whom to kill and when worries the United Nations and human rights activists.

An arms craze: drones to lasers
Paul Rogers | 03 June 2013
tags: arms race, drones, weapons
The United States, Israel and other military powers continue to seek the perfect weapon, from drones to lasers. They forget how the story ends.

The empathy gap
John Tirman | 02 April 2013
tags: Afghanistan, drones, Iraq
Where is the sympathy for the civilian victims of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan?

Hellfire, morality and strategy
George Friedman | 20 February 2013
tags: drones, ethics of warfare, US
The use of drones may be legal under international war, but it is leading the US into unknown territory.

Let’s talk about just war
Nathaniel Peters | 08 February 2013
tags: book reviews, just war, US foreign policy
In a country where opinion oscillates between the extremes of realism and pacifism, learning the history of the just war tradition is important.

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