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free market economy

US education and economy are on the skids, says British historian
G. Tracy Mehan III | 02 August 2013
tags: debt crisis, economics, education, US
Niall Ferguson's controversial analysis of America's institutions is required for anyone who cares about the future of the West.

Identifying China’s successors
George Friedman | 31 July 2013
tags: China, Stratfor, world economy
As costs rise in China, businessmen are moving their factories to countries where they can manufacture more cheaply.

The Cyprus bailout: a disturbing precedent
George Friedman | 27 March 2013
tags: Cyprus bailout, European Union, Germany
European policy makers have broken a barrier that has been in place since the 1930s.

Let human bodies stay priceless
Margaret Somerville | 19 March 2013
tags: bioethics, commodification, market economy, utilitarianism
Turning organs into commercially-traded commodities will subtly alter our relationships.

What money can’t buy
Michael Cook | 26 February 2013
tags: book reviews, commodification, market economy, utilitarianism
What is the proper role of money and markets in a democratic society? How can we protect the priceless goods in moral and civic life from being bought and sold?

Entitlement America - a nation of takers?
Carolyn Moynihan | 27 October 2012
tags: independence, intergenerational equity, welfare state
The ballooning of the welfare state is corrupting the American character as well as burdening generations to come, argues a scholar.

Where an exhausted society can flourish again
Yuval Levin | 26 October 2012
tags: civil society, United States, welfare state
Between the government and the individual is a vital space which both conservatives and liberals are neglecting.

Match-making economists earn Nobel for economic engineering
Andrew John | 17 October 2012
tags: economics, Nobel Prize for Economics
This year's award goes to two academics whose work has very practical applications.

Debunking the myth of the self-made man
Zac Alstin | 21 August 2012
tags: 2012 elections, Barack Obama, individualism
There was at least a smidgen of truth in President Obama's insistence that "you didn't build that".

Financial markets, politics and the new reality
George Friedman | 09 August 2012
tags: economics, European Union, Germany, international relations
After the global financial crisis, it is clear that our economic system is not a machine but a political compact.

Channeling Ayn Rand
David J. Peterson | 06 August 2012
tags: 2012 elections, Ayn Rand, economics
Sure, we need to be more thrifty. But seeking inspiration in the writings of the apostle of selfishness is not the first step.

Beating the competition
Carolyn Moynihan | 03 February 2012
tags: education crisis, family structure, US economy
Business leaders are blaming the education system for the loss of jobs offshore. But aren’t they forgetting that other institution that turns out good workers?

Germany faces tough decisions in Europe’s debt crisis
George Friedman | 01 February 2012
tags: debt crisis, European Union, Germany, Stratfor
The Germans hold many cards, and that's their problem.

Vatican’s controversial plan for financial reform
David J. Peterson | 19 January 2012
tags: global financial crisis, Vatican
“Economic liberalism”, based on utilitarianism and materialism, is the root cause of the global financial crisis, Catholic scholars argue.

“Tax me please, I’m rich!”
Vincenzina Santoro | 18 January 2012
tags: debt crisis, taxation, USA
If they are so keen, why don’t they just give it to the government anyway?

Imagine old age without the state
Oskari Juurikkala | 22 November 2011
tags: ageing population, family, social security
Governments did not invent social security. They copied it from the oldest social institution in the world.

What is #OccupyWallStreet hoping for?
Max Torres | 14 November 2011
tags: economics, hope, Occupy Wall Street
The protest movement is a sad parody of the notion of progress through materialism.

What the Wall Street protesters missed
Vincenzina Santoro | 14 November 2011
tags: New York, Occupy Wall Street
Those fat cat capitalists have moved on, leaving the skyscrapers to non-profits.

Back to basics: a Vince Lombardi moment for the economy
| 26 October 2011
tags: economics, family, philosophy
An essay on the four principles of all successful American economic policy - and the philosophical A-team behind them.

Ten policies for renewing family life
Phillip Longman | 17 October 2011
tags: demographic dividend, economics, family
The state of the family in many advanced societies is unsustainable. Which public policies could reverse this decline?

A dividend Wall Street cannot deliver
W. Bradford Wilcox and Carlos_Cavallé | 12 October 2011
tags: demographic dividend, human capital, marriage
The wealth of nations depends in no small part on the health of the family.

Unreal estate
Roger Scruton | 27 September 2011
tags: ethics of economics, global financial crisis
The endless economic crisis suggests that it is time for a return to a moral understanding the economy, says a British philosopher.

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